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[HIRING] County Ordinance Officers

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New Positions Open 







SUMMARY OF DUTIES: To enforce the various regulatory Ordinances of the County, primarily the Business & Gambling Establishment Licensing Regulations Ordinance of 2017. 

SUPERVISED BY: County Commissioner's Office or Designate




(The following sets out the principle functions of the
position and shall not be considered as a detailed
description of all work requirements)


1. Program/Services
To recommend to the County Commissioner, appropriate orders or laying of charges as
required for compliance with the Ordinance violations.


To enforce the Business & Gambling Establishment Licensing Regulations Ordinance of 2017, upon receiving a written complaint including inspections, preparation of letters, notices and orders.


To assist in the preparation of and give evidence with respect to prosecutions
and hearings.


To enforce the Fortification of Land And Buildings Ordinance of 2017
either by complaint or as directed by the County Commissioner's Office or Designate.


To promote good public relations and to provide information to the public with
respect to various policies of the County.


To enforce the regulations and restrictions placed under permit by the County (Events, Hunting)


To act under the direction of the County Commissioner's Office or Designate in regards to the enforcement of County Ordinances.


To perform other related duties.


2. Archive and Records Management
Responsible for review of County records and documents pertaining to applicable Ordinances such a licensing, and permits 


3. Material Resources
Responsible for safe operation of City owned vehicle.


4. Knowledge

Knowledge of all City Ordinance and relevant legislation such as the San Andreas Penal Code and other applicable Laws & Acts


Knowledge and use of office equipment and electronic communications.


Communication skills to advise the public of violations, providing assistance
and direction.


Good organizational and time management skills to prioritize workload.


Knowledge of Court Room decorum and procedures.


5. Physical Skill and Effort
Good physical condition to conduct mobile duties within the County.


Ability to drive an automobile.


Frequent mental and visual concentration.


6. Decision Making and Judgement
Work is performed under the general supervision of the County Commissioner's Office or Designate.


Work is checked periodically.


Judgement is exercised in:

Ensuring that all Ordinance are enforced precisely and fairly.


Ensuring that decisions regarding violations can be fully supported and 

deciding when County Commissioner's Office or Designate should be contacted to provide for direction or guidance.


Ensuring the accuracy of letters of compliance and orders.


Utilizing appropriate resources within the municipality regarding
interpretation of County Ordinance and codes and recommending to County Commissioner's 


Office or Designate, potential legal action in situations of non-compliance.


Work is very complex and frequent in nature.


7. Interpersonal Skills/Contacts
Interpersonal skills to deal with the general public and other ministries on a daily

basis in a tactful and courteous manner.


With supervisor and workers in all departments.


With general public, builders, owners and management to ensure they are complying with
the various codes and standards.


8. Environment
Exposed to adverse weather conditions.


Exposed to abusive language and threatening behaviour of public in emotionally
charged situations.


Encounters hazardous conditions within unsafe buildings.


Works both inside and outside under various conditions.


9. Control Over Work Schedule
Work schedule may vary and include: days, evenings, nights and weekends at discretion of County Commissioner's Office or Designate.




(1) Applicant  is over the age of majority (21)

(2) Applicant possesses a College Baccalaureate or greater.
(3) Applicant is a resident in any recognized municipality or county within the boundaries of the State of San Andreas.
(4) Applicant resides a fixed address which they can be contacted at. 
(5) Applicant has spent at least ten months within the State of San Andreas at a fixed residence. May be subject to waiver by County Commissioner's Office or Designate. ((10 Days on server. And 25 hours IG. ))
(6) Applicant does not hold a criminal record consisting of any felony, or misdemeanors against property or person and may be temporarily denied for lesser misdemeanors that have been recorded within the past two years. ((2 months.))
(7)  Applicant must complete and submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae, outlining their past work experience, interest they have in the position, and any other relevant information. (( PM @Zebby& @DylanW ))
(8) Applicant must undergo an interview and selection phase, at the discretion of the County Commissioner's Office or Designate.



Authorized by CPQL County Commissioner Thomas Mengele

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