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Vinewood Raceway

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About Vinewood Go-Kart Raceway

Vinewood Go-kart Raceway is a brand new indoor go-kart track that offers a truly amazing entertainment experience. That can be enjoyed by families and competitive drivers alike. And our fuel based go-karts are based on the new technology of the tomorrow's vehicles.


Our track

Our track is now customizable and we have four premade layouts








Our go-karts
Our fuel based go-karts are based on the new technology of the tomorrow's vehicles.
We have Los Santos newest and largest fleet of the most powerful go-karts available for rent.
The karts have a 4 stroke engine with the award-winning, Italian manufactured Righetti Ridolfi chassis. Torque is 40 Nm which provides a rapid acceleration. 
Rent a Go-Kart
Our track is Los Santos fastest go-kart track, just a few steps away from Vinewood gas station. Reserve a booking with your working colleagues or start the unforgettable day as a surprise for your best friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party or just for a drop-in and race with your friends or family, young and old, boys and girls. Go-karting is for everyone!


Drop In
Drop in is the perfect option if you are by yourself or with a group of friends. (Can not be booked in advance.)



100$ Per lap

Book an event

This option is are for larger groups of people that are looking for some competitive time. Or if you are looking for a casual business event. you will also get accesses to our confess room (Needs to be book 24hours in advance, and if you need to cancel your reservation you need to do it 10 hours before your reservation for a full refund.)



Time Price Info
Half An Hour 5000$ including 5 karts, For five to ten people
One Hours 9000$ including 5 karts, For five to ten people


(If you want to have more than 10 people or have a longer then two hours, You need to mentation it in your reservation for a quote)


Reservation Form


((Don't post this in this thread you need to send us an email))

First Name:
Last Name:


Contact Info
Phone Number:


Date of reservation
Check-in Date:
Check-in Time:


Estimated Guest Count:
Are everyone over the age of 15:
Event description: E.x Birthday, Bachelor/bachelorette party
Additional info: Any injuries, medical issues or any other information you think we should know about.


By agreeing below, you are legally bounded to pay the full amount if you fail to cancel your reservation 10 hours before your reservation. Failure to pay will result in a civil suit against the person who has requested access to our facility and our equipment. Failure to agree on this will result in your request being denied.








Membership card
With a membership card, you'll get 50% of the drop in option and a free 10 laps when purchasing the card. The cards will expire on the first of January every year. The cards are transferable but can only be used one person at a time. (More perks will be added in the future.)


$2500 per year


Vinewood Go-Kart Raceway is always looking to work with new and old customers, which means we are always open to hearing from our customers. We are also looking for partnerships with other companies so don't hesitate to call us or send us an email.If you beat the record you will get a free membership card.


Hotline #1055


Legends of the Track

Lucy Belshaw 3 Minutes and 7 Seconds

Caitlin O'Rourke 3 Minutes and 38 Seconds

Hugh Mungus 3 Minutes and 38 Seconds


Old Track

Eric Martini 4 Minutes and 28 Seconds (( @MrPinkPanda ))

Kayla Clark: 4 Minutes and 37 Seconds (( @ilux ))

Cletus Clinton: 5 Minutes and 10 Seconds

Mu Lee: 5 Minutes and 27 Seconds


Photo of the legends





Vinewood Go-Kart Raceway West Broadway - Temple
Our go-kart facility is located in southern part of Vinewood right next to Vinewood gas station.

























Terms & Conditions (This will be updated)



1,    Waiver of Liability
1.1, The company will not be held responsible for injury, death, damage, loss, ... Any form of payment constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

1.2, Motorsport is dangerous, any person under the age of 15 needs a parent/guardian to participate.

1.3, We have the right to refuse the use of our karts to anyone we consider a risk to the safety of themselves or anyone else in the facility.

1.4, All spectators are watching at their own risk and any children are to be under close supervision.


2,    Age Restrictions
2.1, The minimum age to participate is 8 years with a minimum height of 125cm.

2.2, Proof of age might be asked to confirm the age restriction stated above, Any driver that cannot suitable proof of age will be asked to the spectator stands.


3,    Drugs and Alcohol
3.1, Whenever you use our services you confirm that you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

3.2, Any drivers we suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol might be asked to leave our facility, for the safety of himself and other. You will also lose any fees and payments.


4,    Medical Restrictions
4.1, Whenever you use our services you confirm to not have any medical condition that could affect your driving.
4.2, You need to tell us about any medical conditions that may be of concern

4.3, You need to understand that if you exited the height/weight limits that the karts are normally designed for, you might be to ask to the spectator stands. Our height limit is 210 cm and our weight limit is 150kg.

4.4, You may not drive if you are pregnant. 


5,    Behaviour and Adherence to Rules

5.1, You need to listen carefully to the safety being told by our personnel.

5.2, You need to understand that our personnel are expert drivers and are here to enforce the rules.

5.3, We have the right to end a session or remove a driver early from the race, if we consider it to be necessary for the safety of himself and others.

5.4, We have the right to split your group into smaller ones if deem it to be necessary.

5.5, You will use all of our safety equipment and pay for any damages.


6,    Membership

6.1, Membership cards are transferable but one person can only take advantage of the perks at a time.

6.2, You will be available to take advantage of any future perks added.

6.3, You won't be available to get a refund after you have purchased the card.

6.4, You won't be available to get a refund if the company goes bankrupt, sells it or shuts it down.

6.5, You won't be available to get a new membership card if you lose it.



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