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Hiring Perioperative (O.R.) Nurses

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2017




Hiring Perioperative (O.R.) Nurses


TRAUMA SURGERY SERVICE, ALL SAINTS HOSPITAL - Hiring Perioperative (O.R.) Nurses. Tasked with assisting the trauma surgical teams in completing the medical chain of primary- and secondary surveys, preoperative, staging for surgery, intraoperative and postoperative phases while also acting as liaison between patients, their relatives and surgical teams. Minimum requirements for employment are either an associate's, bachelor of science in nursing or diploma from an accredited hospital training program. If employed, a Perioperative Nurse Certification Course will be given on the job, free of charge. The hospital offers a competitive salary of $66,000 ((800-1300)) with the opportunity of advancement in responsibility, for suitable candidates, which can also increase pay.


To apply for the job position, send CV and personal letter with attached picture of applicant to tss.cem.ash@gov.sa ((Freebird)). For more information contact trauma surgeon Dr. Sullivan, M.D., on #451626. 

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