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Character Kill Appeal - Cody Brown

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Character Kill Appeal


In Game Account Name-


Character Name-

Cody Brown

Date of Incident-


Supervising Administrator-




Three incidents happened with Lamari Jason, that I think he considered as enough good reasons to character-kill Cody Brown.

1. First incident happened when Cody and Daniel Connor beat in and kidnapped Lamari Jason to Crips at gunpoint. The incident happened at a forest in the country.
- Right after we got back from the forest, I was shot and player-killed. That makes the incident INVALID for a reason to CK.

2. Second incident happened when Lamari Jason shot Cody Brown and Ryan Wilkes after they tried to beat him up for showing no respect to gang members.
- The situation got voided by administrator @Salsa, because Lamari Jason powergamed. That makes the incident INVALID for a reason to CK.

3. This incident is the only one that exists, but it's too minor to push a CK on Cody Brown.
- Lamari Jason caused a fight with Cody's friend Caleb Freeman and he intervened to the fight by swinging a few punches at Lamari and telling him to stop.
- Cody Brown also was DM'ed to death in the fight by Lamari.






2017-09-24 03:00:01 [English] Lamari Jason says: Wait.
2017-09-24 03:00:01 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Fuck.
2017-09-24 03:00:11 [English] Maurice Garret says: Yo fam why you dissing.
2017-09-24 03:00:11 [English] Cody Brown says: A piece?
2017-09-24 03:00:11 ★ Lamari Jason looks at the bike smirking.
2017-09-24 03:00:12 [English] Maurice Garret says: This waste man scratches my bike.
2017-09-24 03:00:20 [English] Lamari Jason says: Mannn
2017-09-24 03:00:21 [English] Maurice Garret says: You see this shit nigga?
2017-09-24 03:00:25 [English] Lamari Jason says: Nothing wrong with that! Haha
2017-09-24 03:00:27 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Yee, fam.
2017-09-24 03:00:27 [English] Maurice Garret says: Look real fucking close.
2017-09-24 03:00:29 [English] Cody Brown says: I'll get you one.
2017-09-24 03:00:31 [English] Lamari Jason says: You got to be joking!
2017-09-24 03:00:32 [English] Cody Brown says: Pay up nigga.
2017-09-24 03:00:40 ★ Lamari Jason looks closely .
2017-09-24 03:00:46 Kenneth William: (( i be afk. ))
2017-09-24 03:00:47 [English] Dieuson Webster says: A nina, nigga.
2017-09-24 03:00:49 [English] Dieuson Webster says: How much?
2017-09-24 03:00:49 ★ Maurice Garret tries to grab Lamari by the back of the head, shoving his head into the bike.
2017-09-24 03:00:54 [English] Cody Brown says: Ten.
2017-09-24 03:00:58 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Ten?
2017-09-24 03:01:04 [English] Dieuson Webster says: You just say ten?
2017-09-24 03:01:08 ★ Lamari Jason falls forward onto his chest.
2017-09-24 03:01:12 [English] Cody Brown says: Ten gees, silent one.
2017-09-24 03:01:17 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Naw, homie.
2017-09-24 03:01:18 [English] Dieuson Webster says: A nina.
2017-09-24 03:01:19 ★ Maurice Garret picks up his bicycle.
2017-09-24 03:01:19 [English] Cody Brown says: I'll go get it right away.
2017-09-24 03:01:22 [English] Lamari Jason says: Nigga!
2017-09-24 03:01:25 ★ Maurice raises the bike over his head. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:01:27 [English] Maurice Garret says: Fucked up my bike son!
2017-09-24 03:01:30 ★ Dieuson Webster sighs.
2017-09-24 03:01:30 ★ Lamari Jason stands up slowly.
2017-09-24 03:01:32 [English] Chyna Richards says: Hey.
2017-09-24 03:01:32 Cody Brown: (( These niggas flowing wtf. ))
2017-09-24 03:01:33 [English] Dieuson Webster says: A beretta or some shit.
2017-09-24 03:01:33 [English] Trey Keantay says: Da' fuck.
2017-09-24 03:01:35 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Not silenced.
2017-09-24 03:01:37 ★ Maurice Garret tries to drop the bike onto Lamari.
2017-09-24 03:01:37 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Hol' on boo.
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2017-09-24 03:01:46 ★ attempting to slam it into his back as he does so. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:01:49 [English] Cody Brown says: Hol'up at me, nigga.
2017-09-24 03:01:51 [English] Chyna Richards says: Boo? Pfft.
2017-09-24 03:01:51 ADVERT: [4SALE] '17 Infiniti QX80, 163KPH TopSpeed. Such a luxurious SUV with HarvestMoon Wrap. ,000! |
2017-09-24 03:01:55 [English] Cody Brown shouts: JoJo!
2017-09-24 03:01:57 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Oh shit, your ass almost got me arrested.
2017-09-24 03:01:58 [English] Trey Keantay says: Fuck is going on?
2017-09-24 03:02:03 ★ Any affiliations? ((Trey Keantay))
2017-09-24 03:02:05 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Dayso.
2017-09-24 03:02:05 [English] Dieuson Webster says: On some minor sex charges shit, aye?
2017-09-24 03:02:06 [English] Chyna Richards says: How!
2017-09-24 03:02:07 [English] Maurice Garret says: Waste man fucked up my bike man!
2017-09-24 03:02:10 [English] Chyna Richards says: W-wha?
2017-09-24 03:02:16 [English] Cody Brown says: Dayso, get in.
2017-09-24 03:02:18 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Pff.
2017-09-24 03:02:19 You buckled your seatbelt.
2017-09-24 03:02:19 * Cody Brown buckles in their seatbelt. *
2017-09-24 03:02:20 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Hol' on.
2017-09-24 03:02:20 ★ the bike would fall on lamari's back as he stands and headbutts Maurice with force. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:02:29 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Yo.
2017-09-24 03:02:37 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Fam, you still nip?
2017-09-24 03:02:38 Maurice Garret: (( you cant do that all in one sentence you know.... ))
2017-09-24 03:02:41 * Cody Brown looks at Lamari. *
2017-09-24 03:02:47 Lamari Jason: (( yes i can head butt you ))
2017-09-24 03:02:51 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Ahlie, ok ok.
2017-09-24 03:02:53 Lamari Jason: (( stop stalling and rp fatboy ))
2017-09-24 03:02:57 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Fly a q, and a niner.
2017-09-24 03:03:00 [English] Cody Brown shouts: Nigga, cut that shit out!
2017-09-24 03:03:00 Maurice Garret: (( you get up from the ground, in which a bike is on top of you.... ))
2017-09-24 03:03:06 Maurice Garret: (( and you just get up and head butt me?.. ))
2017-09-24 03:03:07 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Fly nigga, I ain't rich fam.
2017-09-24 03:03:08 Lamari Jason: (( the bike is in your hand ))
2017-09-24 03:03:11 Lamari Jason: (( i been up ))
2017-09-24 03:03:12 Lamari Jason: (( stop ooc ))
2017-09-24 03:03:17 Lamari Jason: (( and die ))
2017-09-24 03:03:20 PM Sent to (8) Lamari Jason: You should look at your right.
2017-09-24 03:03:22 [English] Dieuson Webster says: I mean, do it up quicktime.
2017-09-24 03:03:25 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Just now.
2017-09-24 03:03:25 [English] Cody Brown shouts: Cut it out.!
2017-09-24 03:03:28 [English] Dieuson Webster says: How much?
2017-09-24 03:03:29 Maurice Garret: (( ._. what is this powergame... ))
2017-09-24 03:03:36 [English] Lamari Jason says: Cry cry
2017-09-24 03:03:48 Lamari Jason: (( you pg, slam bike on my head? ))
2017-09-24 03:03:51 [English] Dieuson Webster says: What you mean seven?
2017-09-24 03:03:51 [English] Cody Brown shouts: Don't beat my fams!
2017-09-24 03:03:53 Lamari Jason: (( im standing already ))
2017-09-24 03:03:54 [English] Dieuson Webster says: I'm so lost.
2017-09-24 03:03:57 * Cody Brown unbuckles their seatbelt. *
2017-09-24 03:04:00 Lamari Jason: (( and let the bike hit my back ))
2017-09-24 03:04:02 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Nigga, a 9mm.
2017-09-24 03:04:05 Lamari Jason: (( my face in front of you ))
2017-09-24 03:04:05 [English] Cody Brown says: Fam.
2017-09-24 03:04:07 Maurice Garret: (( I slammed the bike into your back as you slowly get up.. ))
2017-09-24 03:04:09 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Jheeze.
2017-09-24 03:04:09 Maurice Garret: (( How is that PG ))
2017-09-24 03:04:13 [English] Cody Brown says: Don't you hear me out?
2017-09-24 03:04:20 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Naw dawg.
2017-09-24 03:04:26 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Since when a glock for 7 large.
2017-09-24 03:04:28 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Times changed.
2017-09-24 03:04:31 Lamari Jason: (( learn to rp, others have chance to respond and react to rp ))
2017-09-24 03:04:34 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Aight, run me a glizzy.
2017-09-24 03:04:38 [English] Dieuson Webster says: No acp bull shit.
2017-09-24 03:04:42 Maurice Garret: (( Your the reason Street RP is dead ))
2017-09-24 03:04:45 [English] Dieuson Webster says: 9mm.
2017-09-24 03:04:50 ★ Cody Brown grabs onto Lamari in attempt to forcepull him away from Maurice.
2017-09-24 03:04:51 Lamari Jason: (( cause fat snitches like you ))
2017-09-24 03:04:51 Maurice Garret: (( Acting like your some hood Mayweather ))
2017-09-24 03:04:52 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Atm right there, go scoop it.
2017-09-24 03:04:55 Lamari Jason: (( now rp ))
2017-09-24 03:05:02 ★ Able? ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:05:02 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Why the fuck not?
2017-09-24 03:05:09 Lamari Jason: (( continuing rp ))
2017-09-24 03:05:13 [English] Cody Brown shouts: Dayso!
2017-09-24 03:05:14 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Bro.
2017-09-24 03:05:15 Maurice Garret: (( ... ))
2017-09-24 03:05:16 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Shaking it.
2017-09-24 03:05:17 ★ would Maurice let go the bike? ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:05:19 [English] Cody Brown says: Open the car door
2017-09-24 03:05:24 ★ the bike is on the ground ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:05:32 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Ain't need a big ass mother fucker.
2017-09-24 03:05:32 ★ Maurice Garret takes a step back as Cody tries to grab Lamari.
2017-09-24 03:05:49 ★ Cody Brown discreetly pulls out his pistol and places it onto Lamari's torso.
2017-09-24 03:05:55 [English] Cody Brown says: Don't fucking move and get in the car.
2017-09-24 03:06:03 ★ Lamari Jason stumbles eyeing Maurice as he moves.
2017-09-24 03:06:07 [English] Cody Brown says: Start walking
2017-09-24 03:06:16 ADVERT: Selling a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX cheap.. |
2017-09-24 03:06:18 ★ Maurice Garret nods down to Cody.
2017-09-24 03:06:22 ★ Any resistance? ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:06:25 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Yo, you blessed?
2017-09-24 03:06:30 [English] Dieuson Webster says: What's gwanning?
2017-09-24 03:06:36 ★ no but theres no pistol icly in your hand ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:06:44 [English] Maurice Garret says: Im blessed fam... Waste mans be wilding out here.
2017-09-24 03:06:50 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Ahlie, hol' on.
2017-09-24 03:06:55 [English] Dieuson Webster says: So?
2017-09-24 03:07:00 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Toss me the cash.
2017-09-24 03:07:00 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Nina mamacita?
2017-09-24 03:07:05 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Si si.
2017-09-24 03:07:11 ★ Cody Brown keeps a keen grip on his pistol, pushing it against Lamari's torso.
2017-09-24 03:07:11 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Lit.
2017-09-24 03:07:15 [English] Cody Brown says: I said, start moving.
2017-09-24 03:07:19 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Trey toss him the thang and hop in.
2017-09-24 03:07:28 ★ Dieuson Webster hops in the back, reaching into his saggy ass pants.
2017-09-24 03:07:30 [English] Cody Brown says: To the car.
2017-09-24 03:07:30 ★ Lamari Jason continues to move eyeing Maurice
2017-09-24 03:07:32 [English] Maurice Garret says: Rethink your strategy punk....
2017-09-24 03:07:40 ★ Maurice Garret glaring down Lamari.
2017-09-24 03:07:40 [English] Cody Brown says: Not that one.
2017-09-24 03:07:49 ★ Cody Brown walks along Lamari.
2017-09-24 03:07:52 ★ Dieuson Webster slips out an unrealistic wad from his pocket,holding it still.
2017-09-24 03:07:56 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Who's guap is this?
2017-09-24 03:08:00 ★ .. - keeping the gun on his torso. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:08:02 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Mine.
2017-09-24 03:08:05 [English] Cody Brown says: Wrong vehicle, cunt.
2017-09-24 03:08:07 [English] Lamari Jason says: Unlock the door
2017-09-24 03:08:11 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Hop up front Trey.
2017-09-24 03:08:12 [English] Lamari Jason says: Oh
2017-09-24 03:08:14 ★ Dieuson Webster sets it over, tossing it down onto the driver's seat.
2017-09-24 03:08:20 Dieuson Webster: (( passengers* ))
2017-09-24 03:08:22 [English] Cody Brown shouts: Jojo!
2017-09-24 03:08:23 ★ Dieuson Webster slips the gun up.
2017-09-24 03:08:25 ★ Maurice Garret looks up and down the block.
2017-09-24 03:08:25 ★ Jovan Campbell grips the cash, stuffing it into his jacket pocket.
2017-09-24 03:08:31 [English] Chyna Richards says: What you doing, Dayday?
2017-09-24 03:08:32 [English] Cody Brown says: Get in.
2017-09-24 03:08:34 ★ Chyna Richards peers down at Dieuson.
2017-09-24 03:08:38 [English] Lamari Jason says: Mannn.
2017-09-24 03:08:42 [English] Cody Brown says: Dayso.
2017-09-24 03:08:43 [English] Lamari Jason says: Whos that fat dude
2017-09-24 03:08:49 [English] Lamari Jason says: And why he acting like my father
2017-09-24 03:08:54 [English] Daniel Connors says: Yo whass going on?
2017-09-24 03:08:57 [English] Cody Brown says: Get out Dayso, I need to handle this nigga.
2017-09-24 03:08:58 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Who's this nigga, and why you put him in the whip?
2017-09-24 03:08:58 [English] Maurice Garret says: Imma bout to whip you like one boy!
2017-09-24 03:09:00 [English] Lamari Jason says: Fuck is slim.
2017-09-24 03:09:02 ★ Daniel Connors leans into the wagon
2017-09-24 03:09:07 [English] Trey Keantay says: I didnt put anyone in the damn whip.
2017-09-24 03:09:11 ★ Cody Brown holds the gun against Lamari's head, trough the window.
2017-09-24 03:09:11 [English] Lamari Jason says: Man i would fight that fat nigga!
2017-09-24 03:09:14 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Not ou fam.
2017-09-24 03:09:17 Jovan Campbell: (( you ))
2017-09-24 03:09:17 [English] Daniel Connors says: What yall doing?
2017-09-24 03:09:18 ★ Balakay Crawford eyes Chyna.
2017-09-24 03:09:22 [English] Cody Brown says: Dayso, get out.
2017-09-24 03:09:22 [English] Balakay Crawford says: You aite?
2017-09-24 03:09:24 ✪ Trey Keantay gives Balakay Crawford a Cookie.
2017-09-24 03:09:27 [English] Maurice Garret says: Mans had to fuck around in the wrong ends.
2017-09-24 03:09:30 [English] Cody Brown says: I need to sort this fool out.
2017-09-24 03:09:31 Balakay Crawford: (( cheers ))
2017-09-24 03:09:31 [English] Chyna Richards says: Yup.
2017-09-24 03:09:35 [English] Balakay Crawford says: Gucci.
2017-09-24 03:09:40 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Where the piece?
2017-09-24 03:09:40 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Cody, take the whip.
2017-09-24 03:09:41 ★ Maurice Garret walks his bike up to the car.
2017-09-24 03:09:42 PM Sent to (6) Dieuson Webster: About to rob him ffs.
2017-09-24 03:09:43 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Bring it back.
2017-09-24 03:09:43 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Hol' on.
2017-09-24 03:09:45 PM From (6) Dieuson Webster: ik
2017-09-24 03:09:45 ★ Lamari Jason looks at the pistol removing his beany hat, rubbing his hair down.
2017-09-24 03:09:49 PM From (6) Dieuson Webster: im bout to be robbed ffs
2017-09-24 03:09:50 [English] Daniel Connors says: Niggga.
2017-09-24 03:09:52 [English] Lamari Jason says: You trying to smoke me like that?
2017-09-24 03:09:52 [English] Daniel Connors says: What yall doing?
2017-09-24 03:09:58 [English] Lamari Jason says: Forreal?
2017-09-24 03:09:58 [English] Maurice Garret says: Mans had to scratch my bike up and sht.
2017-09-24 03:10:02 [English] Lamari Jason says: For what?
2017-09-24 03:10:03 [English] Balakay Crawford says: Y'all finna play chicken?
2017-09-24 03:10:08 [English] Cody Brown says: Stay still.
2017-09-24 03:10:10 [English] Lamari Jason says: A bmx scratch?
2017-09-24 03:10:11 [English] Trey Keantay shouts: Nigga, get the fuck out of the damn whip.!
2017-09-24 03:10:17 [English] Maurice Garret says: Waste yute just vexing a man thats just tryna cool out here.
2017-09-24 03:10:21 ★ Cody would be still holding the gun against Lamari's head. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:10:26 PM Sent to (29) Daniel Connors (gay): Get out.
2017-09-24 03:10:26 [English] Lamari Jason says: You sure bout this?
2017-09-24 03:10:28 PM From (29) Daniel Connors (gay): ok
2017-09-24 03:10:31 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Sorry, boo.
2017-09-24 03:10:31 PM From (29) Daniel Connors (gay): y
2017-09-24 03:10:33 [English] Dieuson Webster says: What's gwan?
2017-09-24 03:10:34 ★ Maurice Garret picks up his bike, walking it towards Lamari.
2017-09-24 03:10:38 [English] Chyna Richards says: Nothin.
2017-09-24 03:10:43 [English] Cody Brown says: Lock the doors and drive.
2017-09-24 03:10:43 [English] Chyna Richards says: Bored!
2017-09-24 03:10:44 [English] Balakay Crawford says: Cous what the /fuck/ is goin on 'witchall?
2017-09-24 03:10:44 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Mans got tied up.
2017-09-24 03:10:45 [English] Maurice Garret says: Why you gotta fuck around man.
2017-09-24 03:10:46 ★ Daniel Connors opens Lamaris door, signaling him to get out.
2017-09-24 03:10:46 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Trust me.
2017-09-24 03:10:49 ★ Cody Brown holds the gun against Lamari's head.
2017-09-24 03:10:52 [English] Lamari Jason says: You must be a rookie.
2017-09-24 03:10:53 [English] Dieuson Webster says: Man these niggas on some mod shit.
2017-09-24 03:10:59 [English] Maurice Garret says: Nah my yute.
2017-09-24 03:11:01 [English] Balakay Crawford says: This nigga fucked up o' some shit?
2017-09-24 03:11:07 [English] Trey Keantay says: Get this nigga out.
2017-09-24 03:11:07 [English] Maurice Garret says: You don't know me styll.
2017-09-24 03:11:08 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Cody.
2017-09-24 03:11:08 [English] Lamari Jason says: I didnt do shit.
2017-09-24 03:11:09 [English] Daniel Connors says: He a problem T'?
2017-09-24 03:11:11 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Take the whip.
2017-09-24 03:11:14 ★ Balakay Crawford looks at Lamari.
2017-09-24 03:11:15 [English] Jovan Campbell says: He your problem.
2017-09-24 03:11:16 [English] Cody Brown says: Move a cent, and I'll pop you out.
2017-09-24 03:11:17 [English] Maurice Garret says: LiL Mari a fucked up name too.
2017-09-24 03:11:18 [English] Trey Keantay says: Wor', Get him out.
2017-09-24 03:11:21 [English] Lamari Jason says: Fat dude tried to bitch me for a scratch on a bike.
2017-09-24 03:11:21 [English] Trey Keantay says: Now niggas.
2017-09-24 03:11:25 ★ Balakay Crawford opens the door of the car.
2017-09-24 03:11:25 [English] Cody Brown says: Someone drive the fucking whip!
2017-09-24 03:11:27 PM From (18) Jovan Campbell: take the car
2017-09-24 03:11:29 [English] Lamari Jason says: That dude said he nothing but trouble, now i see.
2017-09-24 03:11:34 [English] Daniel Connors says: We robbin?
2017-09-24 03:11:36 PM Sent to (29) Daniel Connors (gay): Drive it.
2017-09-24 03:11:37 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Bring it back when you done
2017-09-24 03:11:39 Jovan Campbell: (( .* ))
2017-09-24 03:11:39 ✪ Daniel Connors rolls their windows up.
2017-09-24 03:11:40 ✪ Daniel Connors rolls their windows down.
2017-09-24 03:11:42 [English] Cody Brown shouts: Drive!
2017-09-24 03:11:43 ★ Balakay Crawford rams his foot into Lamari's body.
2017-09-24 03:11:46 [English] Lamari Jason says: And whos this skinny dude back here with a gun? Im broke.
2017-09-24 03:11:46 ✪ Daniel Connors rolls their windows up.
2017-09-24 03:11:54 [English] Cody Brown ((In Car)) says: Drive to a safe place.
2017-09-24 03:12:17 [English] Cody Brown ((In Car)) says: Shut the fuck up and don't move.
2017-09-24 03:12:29 [English] Lamari Jason ((In Car)) says: Okay im good man
2017-09-24 03:12:40 ★ Cody Brown swings the gun at Lamari's head, in attempt to knock him out.
2017-09-24 03:12:44 ((OOC Luck)) Cody Brown tries their luck from 1 to 100 and gets 57.
2017-09-24 03:12:48 ((OOC Chance at 57%)) Cody Brown's attempt has succeeded.
2017-09-24 03:13:03 ★ You'd get knocked out. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:13:06 ★ Lamari Jason would attempt to duck as he swings the gun.
2017-09-24 03:13:08 Daniel Connors: (( cody ))
2017-09-24 03:13:13 Daniel Connors: (( oops ))
2017-09-24 03:13:18 ((OOC Luck)) Lamari Jason tries their luck from 1 to 100 and gets 7.
2017-09-24 03:13:23 ((OOC Chance at 7%)) Lamari Jason's attempt has failed.
2017-09-24 03:13:26 PM From (29) Daniel Connors (gay): we dont rob him we teach him respect
2017-09-24 03:13:30 ★ You'd fail. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:13:35 PM From (29) Daniel Connors (gay): from trey
2017-09-24 03:13:39 Lamari Jason: (( now flip another coin for if it would knock me out ))
2017-09-24 03:13:40 PM Sent to (29) Daniel Connors (gay): Yeha.
2017-09-24 03:13:48 Cody Brown: (( Already did. ))
2017-09-24 03:13:56 [English] Cody Brown ((In Car)) says: Stop.
2017-09-24 03:13:57 ★ Lamari would react but tould get hit in his head/ ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:14:07 Lamari Jason: (( Nah You rped swinging it to hit my head ))
2017-09-24 03:14:11 Lamari Jason: (( you succeeded ))
2017-09-24 03:14:17 Lamari Jason: (( cant do knock out in same one ))
2017-09-24 03:14:17 ((OOC Luck)) Cody Brown tries their luck from 1 to 100 and gets 34.
2017-09-24 03:14:21 ((OOC Chance at 34%)) Cody Brown's attempt has succeeded.
2017-09-24 03:14:29 ★ Lamari would be unconscious. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:14:32 ★ Daniel Connors slides a pistol out of his waistline
2017-09-24 03:14:40 ★ Cody Brown pulls Lamari out of the car.
2017-09-24 03:14:52 ★ Daniel Connors opens the door.
2017-09-24 03:14:56 Cody Brown: (( beforehand, opening the door* ))
2017-09-24 03:15:07 ★ Lamari Jason would fall out the car to the ground.
2017-09-24 03:15:20 [English] Cody Brown says: Now, let's wait for this fool to wake up.
2017-09-24 03:15:32 ★ Daniel Connors Attempts to drag him to a little more distance from the car
2017-09-24 03:15:34 ★ Able? ((Daniel Connors))
2017-09-24 03:15:36 [English] Cody Brown says: You got cuffs or shit?
2017-09-24 03:15:39 [English] Daniel Connors says: Nah.
2017-09-24 03:15:46 ★ he would be snoring and beginning to bleed from the side of his head slowly. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:15:50 [English] Cody Brown says: Pull him away from the car.
2017-09-24 03:15:54 ★ Daniel Connors drops him here.
2017-09-24 03:16:16 ★ Cody Brown pushes Lamari against the tree, holding the gun to his head.
2017-09-24 03:16:22 ★ Able? ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:16:23 ★ Daniel Connors leans down, patting him from head to toe.
2017-09-24 03:16:35 ★ What would i find? ((Daniel Connors))
2017-09-24 03:16:53 Daniel Connors: (( answer pls? ))
2017-09-24 03:17:06 ★ a phone in his left pocket. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:17:15 ★ Anything else? ((Daniel Connors))
2017-09-24 03:17:19 ★ nope ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:17:23 [English] Cody Brown says: Take the shit he can do harm with and let's wait for him to wake up.
2017-09-24 03:17:32 ★ Daniel Connors grabs the phone, pocketing it.
2017-09-24 03:17:37 [English] Daniel Connors says: Hell get it back.
2017-09-24 03:17:42 ✪ Lamari Jason gives Daniel Connors a Cellphone.
2017-09-24 03:17:42 Daniel Connors: (( just give it to me ))
2017-09-24 03:17:44 Daniel Connors: (( :) ))
2017-09-24 03:18:07 ★ Cody Brown grabs out a medic kit from his backpack, tossing it to the ground.
2017-09-24 03:18:14 [English] Cody Brown says: Bandage his head.
2017-09-24 03:18:20 You dropped a First Aid Kit.
2017-09-24 03:18:20 * Cody Brown dropped a First Aid Kit. *
2017-09-24 03:18:22 ★ Daniel Connors unzips the medic kit.
2017-09-24 03:18:31 Daniel Connors: (( any way to use it scripwise? ))
2017-09-24 03:18:35 Cody Brown: (( No. ))
2017-09-24 03:18:44 ★ Daniel Connors proceeds to get out bandages, rolling it around Lamari's head.
2017-09-24 03:18:59 ★ Daniel Connors hands the medic kit to cody.
2017-09-24 03:19:05 ✪ Daniel Connors gives Cody Brown a First Aid Kit.
2017-09-24 03:19:11 [English] Daniel Connors says: Imma go take a piss nigga.
2017-09-24 03:19:18 ★ Cody Brown grabs the first aid kit, putting it back to his backpack.
2017-09-24 03:19:33 ★ Lamari Jason sniffs slowwly opening his eyes appearing cross-eyed for a moment before clossing his-
2017-09-24 03:19:34 ★ Daniel Connors unzips his pants, begging to piss
2017-09-24 03:19:36 ★ Cody Brown approaches Lamari, slapping him a few times to the head lightly, using his pistol.
2017-09-24 03:19:45 [English] Cody Brown says: You awake, nigga?
2017-09-24 03:19:46 ★ eyes again falling to his side breathing heavily. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:20:00 [English] Cody Brown says: Stand up, fool.
2017-09-24 03:20:02 ★ Daniel Connors slowly finishes pissing, zipping his pants.
2017-09-24 03:20:07 [English] Cody Brown says: I need to talk to yo' ass.
2017-09-24 03:20:20 PM Sent to (29) Daniel Connors (gay): You got the keys for dat vehicle?
2017-09-24 03:20:22 ★ Daniel Connors Attempts to help Lamari up.
2017-09-24 03:20:25 PM From (29) Daniel Connors (gay): yup
2017-09-24 03:20:28 ★ Able? ((Daniel Connors))
2017-09-24 03:20:40 ★ Lamari would still be weak using no strength to stand. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:20:57 [English] Cody Brown says: You can talk?
2017-09-24 03:21:14 [English] Daniel Connors says: Nigga, the fuck you did to him?
2017-09-24 03:21:21 ★ Lamari Jason continues to blink slowly before peering to wwhere he hears a voice .
2017-09-24 03:21:26 [English] Cody Brown says: Knocked the fuck out of him.
2017-09-24 03:21:34 [English] Daniel Connors says: Aigh keep a distance nigga.
2017-09-24 03:21:44 [English] Cody Brown says: Stay still, nigga.
2017-09-24 03:21:46 ★ he would look up at cody leaning on the tree. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:21:49 [English] Cody Brown says: We ain't robbing your ass.
2017-09-24 03:21:55 [English] Lamari Jason says: Man
2017-09-24 03:21:55 [English] Daniel Connors says: Nah.
2017-09-24 03:22:05 [English] Lamari Jason says: The fat---
2017-09-24 03:22:08 [English] Cody Brown says: You know why you're here?
2017-09-24 03:22:08 Daniel Connors: (( btw ))
2017-09-24 03:22:20 Daniel Connors: (( ur status is kinda invalid considering we patched u up ))
2017-09-24 03:22:28 ★ Lamari Jason appears a bit dizzy still syncing in the situation.
2017-09-24 03:22:57 ★ he would blink a bit faster as he appears to get a clearer vision looking at Daniel and Cody ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:23:03 [English] Lamari Jason says: Man
2017-09-24 03:23:14 [English] Lamari Jason says: I fucking scratch on a bmx, come on man
2017-09-24 03:23:27 [English] Cody Brown says: He wasn't just nobody.
2017-09-24 03:23:34 [English] Lamari Jason says: What did i do?
2017-09-24 03:23:42 [English] Cody Brown says: He was doing business with my fam, and you start to fuck with him.
2017-09-24 03:23:49 [English] Lamari Jason says: No he fucked with me
2017-09-24 03:23:52 [English] Lamari Jason says: I fell off bike
2017-09-24 03:23:52 [English] Cody Brown says: Ignored me after I aimed at you for fuck sakes.
2017-09-24 03:24:02 [English] Lamari Jason says: How ignore you when im--
2017-09-24 03:24:05 [English] Lamari Jason says: You took me to car
2017-09-24 03:24:11 [English] Cody Brown says: Beforehand, you did.
2017-09-24 03:24:20 [English] Lamari Jason says: What are you talking about?
2017-09-24 03:24:26 [English] Cody Brown says: Quit the bullshit and tell me why you're here.
2017-09-24 03:24:39 [English] Lamari Jason says: You brung me here man! fuck
2017-09-24 03:24:48 [English] Daniel Connors says: Because of what reason nigga?
2017-09-24 03:24:49 [English] Lamari Jason says: You know why im here before i do, i didnt do shit
2017-09-24 03:24:54 [English] Daniel Connors says: What you did in our hood?
2017-09-24 03:24:56 [English] Daniel Connors says: Huh?
2017-09-24 03:25:11 [English] Lamari Jason says: Dude tried to slam a bike on my back and i headbutted him.
2017-09-24 03:25:14 [English] Lamari Jason says: What?
2017-09-24 03:25:20 ★ Cody Brown starts to aim at Lamari, frowning and starting to look frustrated.
2017-09-24 03:25:26 [English] Cody Brown says: Last chance.
2017-09-24 03:25:40 [English] Cody Brown says: I ain't listening to no bullshit, nigga.
2017-09-24 03:25:46 ★ Lamari Jason sits up looking at Cody raising an eyebrow.
2017-09-24 03:25:52 [English] Cody Brown says: Tell me what you did wrong and we can short this shit out.
2017-09-24 03:25:53 [English] Daniel Connors says: You better start talking nigga.
2017-09-24 03:26:08 [English] Daniel Connors says: My boy C' aint got patience.
2017-09-24 03:26:08 ★ Lamari Jason would have a confused look on his face.
2017-09-24 03:26:18 [English] Lamari Jason says: This the first time i ever came around man.
2017-09-24 03:26:20 ★ The gun would be aimed towards Lamari's torso. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:26:31 [English] Cody Brown says: That's the reason.
2017-09-24 03:26:32 [English] Lamari Jason says: Thats the only time fat dude tried me
2017-09-24 03:26:48 [English] Lamari Jason says: So you going to shoot me? Kill me?
2017-09-24 03:26:53 [English] Cody Brown says: You don't disrespect my fams when you come around the first time.
2017-09-24 03:26:55 [English] Daniel Connors says: Yeah.
2017-09-24 03:26:58 [English] Daniel Connors says: We is.
2017-09-24 03:26:59 [English] Lamari Jason says: How i disrespect?
2017-09-24 03:27:10 ★ Daniel Connors lifts his arm, aiming at lamari
2017-09-24 03:27:10 [English] Cody Brown says: You didn't only just disrespect.
2017-09-24 03:27:36 ★ Lamari Jason shakes his head
2017-09-24 03:27:36 [English] Cody Brown says: You called him a fat-ass, hes a fucking respectful nigga.
2017-09-24 03:27:52 [English] Lamari Jason says: Did you see what he did?
2017-09-24 03:28:02 [English] Lamari Jason says: Damn near choked me out!
2017-09-24 03:28:05 [English] Cody Brown says: Tell me what you did wrong so we can forget this shit and go back, maybe start over again.
2017-09-24 03:28:07 [English] Lamari Jason says: Like get real man
2017-09-24 03:28:17 [English] Lamari Jason says: I didnt do anything wrong, you making up shit now.
2017-09-24 03:28:21 [English] Cody Brown says: I don't wanna pop' your ass for foolish reasons.
2017-09-24 03:28:38 [English] Lamari Jason says: You have no reason to pop me, that's the thing.. What is your reason?
2017-09-24 03:28:39 * Cody Brown frowns again. *
2017-09-24 03:28:41 [English] Lamari Jason says: Foolish right?
2017-09-24 03:28:41 [English] Daniel Connors says: Ill pop any disrespectful nigga.
2017-09-24 03:28:51 [English] Lamari Jason says: Its foolish
2017-09-24 03:28:59 [English] Lamari Jason says: I didnt do anything, you just said it
2017-09-24 03:29:18 [English] Cody Brown says: He was my fam, older than you..
2017-09-24 03:29:24 [English] Lamari Jason says: I am 18 man.
2017-09-24 03:29:41 [English] Lamari Jason says: He bragged the back of my head and damn near shoved me face first into the ground
2017-09-24 03:29:56 [English] Cody Brown says: You start to disrespect and fight against him.
2017-09-24 03:29:56 [English] Lamari Jason says: Then as i was getting up he slammed the bike on my bike and i headbutted him
2017-09-24 03:30:19 [English] Lamari Jason says: I gave you the whole story, when two guys fight they fight
2017-09-24 03:30:20 [English] Cody Brown says: I'm asking this once more.
2017-09-24 03:30:22 [English] Lamari Jason says: We didnt even fight
2017-09-24 03:30:30 [English] Cody Brown says: You did no mistakes at all?
2017-09-24 03:30:38 [English] Cody Brown says: You don't want to show us any respect?
2017-09-24 03:30:52 [English] Lamari Jason says: I show respect and still do, never disrespected anyone
2017-09-24 03:31:04 [English] Lamari Jason says: You seen what he did to me, we both was talking shit after
2017-09-24 03:31:22 [English] Cody Brown says: Then, get the fuck up and we're gonna go back and you're gonna give an apology to my.. -
2017-09-24 03:31:25 [English] Cody Brown says: .. - fucking fam.
2017-09-24 03:31:31 Daniel Connors [Cellphone]: Yeah?
2017-09-24 03:31:32 [English] Lamari Jason says: I dont start shit.. Mann
2017-09-24 03:31:32 [English] Cody Brown says: Is that clear, nigga?
2017-09-24 03:31:41 [English] Cody Brown says: Get the fuck up then.
2017-09-24 03:31:42 ★ Lamari Jason pushes up stumbling back on to the tree for a moment.
2017-09-24 03:31:50 [English] Lamari Jason says: Okay man
2017-09-24 03:31:53 [English] Cody Brown says: Get in the car.
2017-09-24 03:31:56 Daniel Connors [Cellphone]: I am
2017-09-24 03:32:05 [English] Cody Brown says: Front.
2017-09-24 03:32:06 ★ Daniel Connors digs in his pocket
2017-09-24 03:32:07 ★ Lamari Jason rubs the side of his head.
2017-09-24 03:32:15 ★ Daniel Connors takes out Lamaris cellphone
2017-09-24 03:32:20 ★ Daniel Connors offers it to him
2017-09-24 03:32:31 ★ Lamari Jason looks at his phone then to Daniel
2017-09-24 03:32:36 [English] Lamari Jason says: What man...
2017-09-24 03:32:39 ★ Lamari Jason pats his pockets.
2017-09-24 03:32:42 PM Sent to (8) Lamari Jason: Roleplay your bruises on yo head to /status
2017-09-24 03:32:43 [English] Daniel Connors says: You want your phone?
2017-09-24 03:32:47 ★ he would quickly take his phone. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:32:51 ✪ Daniel Connors gives Lamari Jason a Cellphone.
2017-09-24 03:32:53 [English] Lamari Jason says: Mannn
2017-09-24 03:32:59 ✪ Daniel Connors rolls their windows down.
2017-09-24 03:33:01 ★ Lamari Jason pockets his phone shaking his head.
2017-09-24 03:33:02 [English] Cody Brown says: Front seat.
2017-09-24 03:33:11 ✪ Daniel Connors rolls their windows up.
2017-09-24 03:33:16 You buckled your seatbelt.
2017-09-24 03:33:16 * Cody Brown buckles in their seatbelt. *
2017-09-24 03:33:39 [English] Lamari Jason ((In Car)) says: Like..
2017-09-24 03:33:40 [English] Cody Brown ((In Car)) says: Now, we're going back and you're going to apologize our behaviour.
2017-09-24 03:33:48 [English] Daniel Connors ((In Car)) says: Our?
2017-09-24 03:33:54 [English] Lamari Jason ((In Car)) says: Okay
2017-09-24 03:33:58 Cody Brown: (( your* ))
2017-09-24 03:34:10 [English] Lamari Jason ((In Car)) says: But fat dude just grabbed the back of my head like i was a bitch man
2017-09-24 03:34:19 [English] Cody Brown ((In Car)) says: Don't call him fat.
2017-09-24 03:34:29 [English] Cody Brown ((In Car)) says: Once more and I won't take that for good.
2017-09-24 03:34:29 [English] Lamari Jason ((In Car)) says: But.. Okay alright my fault.
2017-09-24 03:34:45 [English] Cody Brown ((In Car)) says: My nigga, admit your shit to him.
2017-09-24 03:34:47 [English] Lamari Jason ((In Car)) says: See now look!
2017-09-24 03:34:52 * Cody Brown unbuckles their seatbelt. *
2017-09-24 03:34:53 * Cody Brown slides the PB-6P9 back into his waistband, clicking the safety ON. *
2017-09-24 03:35:00 [English] Daniel Connors says: The fuck?
2017-09-24 03:35:02 [English] Balakay Crawford says: Some fuckin' nigga shot Mouse.
2017-09-24 03:35:04 [English] Cody Brown says: What happend?
2017-09-24 03:35:09 ★ Kayla Harper grabs apair of nitrile gloves off her bag as she slips them over her hands, taking out
2017-09-24 03:35:10 [English] Daniel Connors says: Shit nigga.
2017-09-24 03:35:12 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Who?
2017-09-24 03:35:13 ★ Lamari Jason crouches near Maurice.
2017-09-24 03:35:14 [English] Daniel Connors says: You breathin?
2017-09-24 03:35:15 ★ her trauma dressing pack. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:35:17 [English] Balakay Crawford says: I ain't know.
2017-09-24 03:35:19 [English] Lamari Jason whispers: Sorry man
2017-09-24 03:35:29 [English] Lamari Jason whispers: I didnt mean for this to happen
2017-09-24 03:35:30 ★ Maurice would lying in pool of his own blood, unconscious. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:35:32 [English] Daniel Connors says: This nigga aint dyin on me.
2017-09-24 03:35:41 ★ in a* ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:35:41 [English] Cody Brown says: A guy in a 'rarri?
2017-09-24 03:35:44 [English] Trey Keantay says: The fuck?
2017-09-24 03:35:45 [OPUNISH]: A hidden admin issued 1 points to JohnM.
2017-09-24 03:35:45 [OPUNISH]: Reason: Testing
2017-09-24 03:35:45 [OPUNISH-BAN]: JohnM has been banned for 2 hours.
2017-09-24 03:35:47 [English] Balakay Crawford says: No, nigga..
2017-09-24 03:35:55 [English] Balakay Crawford says: It was anotha'.
2017-09-24 03:35:58 ★ Kayla Harper rips the top of her pack as she folds his shirt up, pressing the piece immensly into
2017-09-24 03:36:00 [English] Cody Brown says: Stich his ass up.
2017-09-24 03:36:00 [English] Trey Keantay says: DC and B'.
2017-09-24 03:36:03 [English] Trey Keantay says: Follow up.
2017-09-24 03:36:03 ★ his wound. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:36:03 [English] Cody Brown says: For good.
2017-09-24 03:36:21 [English] Cody Brown whispers: We gave the nigga a lesson.
2017-09-24 03:36:21 [English] Kayla Harper [RADIO] says: FD to PD, come in, urgent.
2017-09-24 03:36:21 [English] Trey Keantay says: The fuck happend?
2017-09-24 03:36:22 [English] Lamari Jason says: Hey man..
2017-09-24 03:36:25 [English] Cody Brown whispers: He's good.
2017-09-24 03:36:29 [English] Jovan Campbell whispers: You did this?
2017-09-24 03:36:33 [English] Daniel Connors says: Ey, you wanna be talking to C'.
2017-09-24 03:36:33 [English] Lamari Jason says: I hope you heard me.
2017-09-24 03:36:35 [English] Cody Brown whispers: Fuck no.
2017-09-24 03:36:35 [English] Lamari Jason says: Im sorry.
2017-09-24 03:36:40 [English] Daniel Connors says: Ayo C'.
2017-09-24 03:36:43 [English] Daniel Connors says: Come here nigga.
2017-09-24 03:36:43 [English] Cody Brown whispers: I meant about the other nigga.
2017-09-24 03:36:47 [English] Trey Keantay says: Lets go on the sidewalk.
2017-09-24 03:36:49 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Oh, good shit.
2017-09-24 03:36:51 [English] Trey Keantay says: J' come nigga.
2017-09-24 03:36:56 [English] Balakay Crawford whispers: Some nigga came dressed in red, an' so me and Mouse told him to back chane the colors.
2017-09-24 03:37:06 [English] Trey Keantay says: The fuck happend nigga?
2017-09-24 03:37:07 ★ Kayla Harper sticks a cotton pad over the wound before she reach inside for her trauma gauze, wrapping
2017-09-24 03:37:11 [English] Balakay Crawford says: The nigga does so, but then he start dissin' us.
2017-09-24 03:37:17 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Excuse me, lady. How does it look?
2017-09-24 03:37:24 ★ it tightly around his chest area. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:37:32 [English] Balakay Crawford says: And maurice go to the gas sation and buy a canistoer of Petrolium.
2017-09-24 03:37:35 [English] Cody Brown says: We gave the young nigga who disrespected and caused a fight with that fam laying over der'.
2017-09-24 03:37:37 ★ Lamari Jason looks at the bike licking his thumb rubbing over the scratch cracking a wide smile-
2017-09-24 03:37:44 ★ Kayla Harper presses her both middle and index fingers into his carotid artery, peering down at her
2017-09-24 03:37:44 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Good stuff. Thanks for coming.
2017-09-24 03:37:45 ★ as he looks away from everyone. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:37:51 [English] Cody Brown says: I didn't know anything 'bout this shit happening over here.
2017-09-24 03:37:52 ★ watch while measuring his pulse. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:37:54 [English] Balakay Crawford says: And tells the nigga that if he ain't gone by the time he back he finna burn his shit.
2017-09-24 03:38:00 ★ 60-100 avg, how much'd it be? ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:38:08 ★ Lamari Jason looks to Daniel with a straight face as his eyes get wide.
2017-09-24 03:38:16 [English] Lamari Jason says: Oh i was wiping off the scratch.
2017-09-24 03:38:17 [English] Cody Brown says: Who 'ru?
2017-09-24 03:38:21 [English] Daniel Connors says: Oh aigh.
2017-09-24 03:38:22 ★ Maurices Pulse would be low, about 30. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:38:24 [English] Jovan Campbell says: DC, where the wagon at?
2017-09-24 03:38:34 ★ Daniel Connors points to it
2017-09-24 03:38:37 ★ and slowly dropping. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:38:40 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Aigh', toss the keys real quick.
2017-09-24 03:38:47 [English] Cody Brown says: You deaf?
2017-09-24 03:38:48 ★ Daniel Connors tosses them to Jovan
2017-09-24 03:38:52 ★ any other visible bleedings, other than the chest? ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:38:53 [English] Doni Provacci says: No one you know.
2017-09-24 03:38:54 ✪ Daniel Connors gives Jovan Campbell a Vehicle Key (1991 Honda Civic Shuttle).
2017-09-24 03:38:56 [English] Jovan Campbell says: Thanks man.
2017-09-24 03:38:58 [English] Lamari Jason says: Hey yall want me to move this bmx?
2017-09-24 03:39:02 ★ Left leg would be leaking blood as well. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:39:05 [English] Cody Brown says: Dip.
2017-09-24 03:39:07 [English] Daniel Connors says: Nah, let it be.
2017-09-24 03:39:11 ★ which leg? ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:39:11 [English] Lamari Jason says: Okay
2017-09-24 03:39:12 ✪ Jovan Campbell rolls their windows down.
2017-09-24 03:39:14 [English] Cody Brown says: I'm asking you once.
2017-09-24 03:39:24 ★ left leg. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:39:27 [English] Cody Brown says: For the respect of my fam right 'der.



2017-09-24 03:39:29 ✪ Cole Hunter rolls their windows down.
2017-09-24 03:39:51 [English] Doni Provacci says: Retired cop here, just looking over the situation.
2017-09-24 03:39:56 If you were killed due to DM or anything similar, /report to get an admin to revive you.
2017-09-24 03:39:56 If you accept your death, you may lose some of your items - unless revived.
2017-09-24 03:39:57 ★ Lamari Jason rubs his head gently shaking it a
2017-09-24 03:40:04 ★ - few times. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:40:28 ★ any visible wounds? ((Balakay Crawford))
2017-09-24 03:40:29 ★ Kayla Harper flinches as she pushes herself on her feet, peering at the group behind in confusion.

2017-09-24 03:40:29 ★ Lamari Jason looks at Cody nodding once.

2017-09-24 03:40:31 PM From (44) Emilio Moretti: LMFAO
2017-09-24 03:40:49 [English] Kayla Harper [RADIO] says: 271 to comms, need urgent help, shooting just occured.
2017-09-24 03:40:54 ★ Lamari Jason crouches near Cody.
2017-09-24 03:41:03 [English] Kayla Harper [RADIO] says: FD to PD, urgent, comein.
2017-09-24 03:41:18 ★ Lamari Jason looks at Daniel squinching his eyes before turning to the police.
2017-09-24 03:41:31 ★ he would pace off in silence. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:41:46 [English] Kayla Harper [RADIO] says: FD to last, multiple shootings at liverpool road, need urgent assistance.
2017-09-24 03:41:49 ★ Lamari Jason peers to Daniel occasionally as he walks off.
2017-09-24 03:41:53 [English] Kayla Harper [RADIO] says: 10-4..
2017-09-24 03:43:45 ★ Balakay Crawford kicks Cody around, checking for any signs of life.
2017-09-24 03:43:49 ★ do I spot any? ((Balakay Crawford))
2017-09-24 03:44:18 ★ Markham Becker stares at Cody.
2017-09-24 03:44:20 ★ Daniel Connors sheds a small tear, looking down at Cody.
2017-09-24 03:44:24 ★ Is Cody dead or? ((Markham Becker))
2017-09-24 03:45:59 ★ cody, I asked you if you gave any signs of life upon me kicking you. ((Balakay Crawford))
2017-09-24 03:46:01 PM From (1) Markham Becker: What do you mean by type? haha
2017-09-24 03:46:05 ★ can you fucking awnser me? ((Balakay Crawford))
2017-09-24 03:46:06 PM From (1) Markham Becker: write*
2017-09-24 03:46:19 ★ Cody would have a gun wound in his torso, he'd have signs of life. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:46:40 ★ Luzev Ikovich looks to Jovan.
2017-09-24 03:46:47 ★ Rapidly bleeding. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:47:41 [English] David O'Mara [RADIO] says: 10-4, lets box around this guy, keep him protected
2017-09-24 03:47:44 ★ Lamari Jason fakes mourn alongside shaking his head in relief and disappointment.
2017-09-24 03:48:26 ★ Lamari Jason waves at Ashley.
2017-09-24 03:48:40 ★ Jovan Campbell shrugs his shoulders in response.
2017-09-24 03:49:08 ★ Kayla Harper inhales deeply as she folds his pants up, revealing his left leg.
2017-09-24 03:49:14 ★ what'd she see underneath? ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:49:27 ★ there would be a GSW on Maurice's left leg. ((Maurice Garret))
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2017-09-24 03:50:19 ★ Kayla Harper sighs audibly as she grabs a cotton pad off her bag, sticking it over the wound before
2017-09-24 03:50:28 ★ David O'Mara quickly hops out, running to his trunk, grabbing out his ALS bag from the organizer.
2017-09-24 03:50:32 ★ she reach inside for her trauma gauze, wrapping it around the pad tightly. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:50:53 ★ David O'Mara reaches over to Cody's neck, attempting to take a pulse
2017-09-24 03:50:56 ★ normal is 60-100 ((David O'Mara))
2017-09-24 03:51:08 ★ Somewhat around 20. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:51:18 ★ Kayla Harper presses her both fingers into his carotid artery again, measuring his pulse.
2017-09-24 03:51:21 ★ Lamari Jason begins to remove the bandage from his head revealing a open wound.
2017-09-24 03:51:24 ★ David O'Mara looks over the patient, looking for the GSWs.
2017-09-24 03:51:35 ★ Cody would be rapidly bleeding, as he has a gunwound in his torso. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:51:35 ★ Where and are they Thru/Thru ((David O'Mara))
2017-09-24 03:51:38 ★ the bandage would have exccessive blood on it ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:51:58 ★ the wound would look a little deep and is wide open fresh, not bleeding. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:52:44 ★ Lamari Jason tosses the bandages towards Maurice.
2017-09-24 03:52:46 ★ pulse rate? 60-100 avg ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:53:10 ★ 35, Maurice would slowly begin stablizing. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:53:18 ★ Pulse 20, gunwound at his torso. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:53:26 ★ Lamari Jason begins to stumle before collapsing onto the ground inhaling and exhaling hevaily.
2017-09-24 03:53:57 ★ David O'Mara reaches over to his ALS bag, grabbing out some trauma dressing, placing it over the hole.
2017-09-24 03:54:04 ★ Lamari Jason would be blinking occasionally trying to keep his eyes open.
2017-09-24 03:54:28 ★ David O'Mara grabs some further rolled gauze, wrapping Cody's legs.
2017-09-24 03:54:36 ★ Lamari Jason would appear injured and distressed
2017-09-24 03:54:48 ★ Balakay Crawford points at Lamari.
2017-09-24 03:54:53 [English] Kayla Harper [RADIO] says: Fire to SEMC, come in.
2017-09-24 03:55:16 [English] Kayla Harper [RADIO] says: We need immediate assistance to liverpool road, three downed males.
2017-09-24 03:55:26 ★ Lamari Jason maintains stability on his side as he continues to eye the scenery as best he can.
2017-09-24 03:55:52 ★ Lamari Jason blinks slowly looking at Ashley shaking his head.
2017-09-24 03:55:53 ★ Ashley Everett crouches down next to Lamari, looking at him.
2017-09-24 03:56:10 ★ Kayla Harper pressures on his chin and forehead as she opens his mouth slowly, peering inside
2017-09-24 03:56:17 ★ for any airway obstructions. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:56:30 ★ a little bit of blood in Maurices mouth, but nothing serious. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:56:36 ★ she would notice a gash on the side of his head appearing to have been struck by an metal ob ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:56:39 ★ -ject. ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:56:51 ★ flowing out or some dried blood? ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:57:02 ★ Cody's pulse would slowly start to increase. ((Cody Brown))
2017-09-24 03:57:02 ★ it would appear to have dug in a little but not stuck straight in ((Lamari Jason))
2017-09-24 03:57:21 ★ Balakay Crawford pulls Jovan to the side a little as he begins to whisper.
2017-09-24 03:57:24 ★ able? ((Balakay Crawford))
2017-09-24 03:57:27 ★ Lamari Jason eases his left hand onto his head as his voice tremble.
2017-09-24 03:57:42 ★ dried blood. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:57:50 ★ Kayla Harper tilts his head to the side before she grab her stethoscope of her bag, sticking the pads
2017-09-24 03:58:02 ★ over his chest before she start mumbling the count to herself, measuring ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:58:03 [English] David O'Mara [RADIO] says: 20A i need a goddamn ambulance to RED
2017-09-24 03:58:05 ★ his breathing rate. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:58:13 ★ Lamari Jason looks at his previous Bandage slowly pushing up sitting on his bottom gaining conscious.
2017-09-24 03:58:15 [English] David O'Mara [RADIO] says: As fast as humanly possible brother
2017-09-24 03:58:16 ★ 12-20 average. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:58:19 ★ Jovan Campbell moves with Balakey.
2017-09-24 03:58:25 ★ Maurices breathing would be at about 9. ((Maurice Garret))
2017-09-24 03:59:12 ★ Lamari Jason touches his head sighing in extreme pain
2017-09-24 03:59:49 ★ Kayla Harper tugs the tailgates open as she hops inside, dropping a collar over the gurney before
2017-09-24 03:59:52 ★ wheeling it out. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 03:59:54 ★ Balakay Crawford begins chuckling as he turns back
2017-09-24 04:00:03 ★ Conroy Johnson climbs into the cbain, grasping onto the gurney, as he tugs it outwards.
2017-09-24 04:00:30 ★ Balakay Crawford looks atthe trio of dead niggas.
2017-09-24 04:00:37 ★ Conroy Johnson lowers the gurney, bringing the backboard down beside Cody, before directing his palms to hi
2017-09-24 04:00:40 ★ -s physique. ((Conroy Johnson))
2017-09-24 04:00:50 ★ Lamari Jason pushes to his feet stumbling a bit before catching his balance.
2017-09-24 04:00:51 PM Sent to (23) Conroy Johnson: I'm somewhat bugged, I got shot in the torso once.
2017-09-24 04:00:56 ★ Kayla Harper grabs the collar as she sticks it around his neck, securing it over.
2017-09-24 04:01:02 ★ Conroy Johnson tilts Cody's physique upwards, sliding the board underneath him, before strapping him down.
2017-09-24 04:01:07 PM Sent to (23) Conroy Johnson: Try reviving me.
2017-09-24 04:01:20 ★ Conroy Johnson tilts the board slightly upwards, picking it up, as he then lays it onto the gurney, rolling
2017-09-24 04:01:25 ★ Lamari Jason picks up his old bloody bandage.
2017-09-24 04:01:26 ★ -it back to the Ambulance. ((Conroy Johnson))
2017-09-24 04:02:05 ★ Lamari Jason holds once side of the bandage on his forehead as he wraps with the other.
2017-09-24 04:02:26 ★ Lamari Jason holds the bloody bandage on his head with two hands.
2017-09-24 04:02:36 ★ Kayla Harper lowers the gurney to ground level as she sets it at the ground beside maurice,
2017-09-24 04:02:42 ★ lowering herself by his head. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 04:02:47 ★ David O'Mara grabs Lamari's arm, attempting to assit him over.
2017-09-24 04:03:09 ★ Lamari Jason drops the bandage as it fails to stay on his head.
2017-09-24 04:03:16 ★ David O'Mara pushes Lamari inside the back of Amb 2, Sitting him down on the bench.
2017-09-24 04:03:17 ★ Kayla Harper reachs with her both arms underneath his torso and head, attempting to shift his upper
2017-09-24 04:03:31 ★ body into the gurney carefully, followed by his legs. ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 04:03:42 ★ would she be able to? ((Kayla Harper))
2017-09-24 04:04:06 ★ She would succeed, but would be winded from Maurice's weight. ((Maurice Garret))

2017-09-24 04:04:36 PM From (23) Conroy Johnson: David O'Mara: (( cody respawn )) David O'Mara: (( If u dont have anything )) David O'Mara: (( That
2017-09-24 04:04:36 will be taken )) David O'Mara: (( If u do )) David O'Mara: (( Ur fucked )) David O'Mara: (( Sorry ))

2017-09-24 04:04:39 PM From (8) Lamari Jason: you wont remember the shit

2017-09-24 04:04:40 ★ Kayla Harper inhales deeply as she catches her breath, pausing momentarily before she secure
2017-09-24 04:04:49 ★ the straps around his, wheeling him into the back of the RA. ((Kayla Harper))

2017-09-24 04:04:54 ★ Lamari Jason kicks Cody's head discretely.

2017-09-24 04:06:09 PM Sent to (23) Conroy Johnson: What do you mean?
2017-09-24 04:06:21 PM From (23) Conroy Johnson: I reported, so I can wait.
2017-09-24 04:06:23 PM From (23) Conroy Johnson: ID 2 atm.
2017-09-24 04:06:37 ★ Lamari Jason nods his head a couple times as he prepares to head to the hospital.

2017-09-24 04:06:45 PM From (23) Conroy Johnson: But, if you want to respawn go ahead, unless you have any items that'll be taken by ASH.

2017-09-24 04:08:53
2017-09-24 04:09:25 Press F1 for Help.
2017-09-24 04:09:25 You can visit the Options menu by pressing 'F10' or /home.
2017-09-24 04:09:25
2017-09-24 04:09:26 If you were killed due to DM or anything similar, /report to get an admin to revive you.
2017-09-24 04:09:26 If you accept your death, you may lose some of your items - unless revived.
2017-09-24 04:09:36 Respawning...

2. You can ask @Salsa, but here's the logs:


2017-09-27 00:55:12 Your report ID#2 has been shifted up to ID#1 due to the reports in front were solved.
2017-09-27 00:55:43 Admin Alexey Petrov (Salsa) has accepted your report (#1) at 21:55, Please wait for him/her to contact you.
2017-09-27 00:55:43 You were reporting (51) Lamari Jason. Reason:
2017-09-27 00:55:43 He shot me and Ryan Wilkes for throwing one fist and head knuckle at him. That's not really a proper reason to kill someone.
2017-09-27 00:55:45 Admin Alexey Petrov has teleported to you.

(After a lot of bitching and complaining)

2017-09-27 01:19:25 Alexey Petrov: (( I was asking annother admin to make the decision ))
2017-09-27 01:19:29 Alexey Petrov: (( as im un sure ))

@Salsa & @jonthulhu
2017-09-27 01:24:17 Marat Morozov: (( yeah, pulling the gun without responding to the headbutt is pg ))
2017-09-27 01:24:50 Alexey Petrov: (( so void it then Jon? ))
2017-09-27 01:24:59 Ryan Wilkes: (( Not to mention he rp'd himself being dazzled by my hit so being that accurate was woah ))
2017-09-27 01:25:11 Alexey Petrov: (( Thats what iI was thinking too. ))
2017-09-27 01:25:11 Marat Morozov: (( yeah, definitely void ))



2017-09-26 23:40:49 [English] Caleb Freeman says: Why you coppin his threads, nigga?
2017-09-26 23:40:56 [English] Lamari Jason says: Ain't shit..
2017-09-26 23:41:04 ★ Lamari Jason smirks observing the scenery.
2017-09-26 23:41:05 [English] Caleb Freeman says: Fuck you say?
2017-09-26 23:41:08 ★ Ryan Wilkes attempts to pull himself away from Trey, shaking his head gazing towards the trio,
2017-09-26 23:41:13 [English] Caleb Freeman says: Get off that bike and say it, cus.
2017-09-26 23:41:14 * Cody Brown hits his head along with the helmet onto Ryan's head, attempting to knock him down. *
2017-09-26 23:41:16 [English] Lamari Jason says: What?
2017-09-26 23:41:17 ((OOC Luck)) Cody Brown tries their luck from 1 to 100 and gets 30.
2017-09-26 23:41:22 ((OOC Chance at 30%)) Cody Brown's attempt has succeeded.
2017-09-26 23:41:31 [English] Caleb Freeman says: Wassup?
2017-09-26 23:41:32 ADVERT: Looking to buy a Ford Mustang, preferably old mustangs. C/S |
2017-09-26 23:41:37 [English] Lamari Jason says: You say what?
2017-09-26 23:41:40 [English] Lamari Jason says: Say what?
2017-09-26 23:41:40 [English] Cody Brown says: A'yo, C.
2017-09-26 23:41:45 ★ Ryan Wilkes falls back as you hit him on the head with the helmet, against the car.
2017-09-26 23:41:46 [English] Caleb Freeman says: Oh, you f'real huh?
2017-09-26 23:41:48 ★ Trey Richardson rushes to the bike, getting on whilst Lamari remains occupied in his conversation.
2017-09-26 23:41:51 [English] Ryan Wilkes says: The fuck that for?
2017-09-26 23:41:57 ★ Lamari Jason squinches his eyes looking Caleb in his eyes.
2017-09-26 23:41:58 Cody Brown: (( You'd be knocked out. ))
2017-09-26 23:42:02 [English] Lamari Jason says: What you just say to me.
2017-09-26 23:42:03 ★ Lamari Jason takes a few steps back squinching his eyes as he observes a near individual precisely
2017-09-26 23:42:04 ★ Caleb Freeman attempts to shove Lamari backwards.
2017-09-26 23:42:08 [English] Cody Brown says: C', pat his ass down.
2017-09-26 23:42:15 [English] Caleb Freeman says: Fuck outta ere.
2017-09-26 23:42:18 [English] Cody Brown says: A'yo.
2017-09-26 23:42:20 [English] Caleb Freeman says: Aye, you do it Cody.
2017-09-26 23:42:21 [English] Cody Brown says: Pat his ass.
2017-09-26 23:42:22 ADVERT: San Andreas Public Transit is hiring. Start your career today. Submit an application https://goo.gl/gpVurG
2017-09-26 23:42:22 [English] Caleb Freeman says: Kinda busy.
2017-09-26 23:42:30 ★ Lamari Jason would be taking a step back and attempt to send a quick Jab to Caleb's jaw.
2017-09-26 23:42:32 [English] Caleb Freeman says: With this fool, over here.
2017-09-26 23:42:32 [English] Trey Richardson says: Keep watch.
2017-09-26 23:42:40 [English] Cody Brown says: Fo'shu.
2017-09-26 23:42:45 [English] Cody Brown says: Pat his ass down, quick.
2017-09-26 23:42:48 ★ Caleb Freeman is hit with the Jab, and begins to swing back violently.
2017-09-26 23:42:50 ✪ Alexander Bezrukov rolls their windows down.
2017-09-26 23:42:58 ★ Trey Richardson reaches down, patting inside Ryan's pockets quickly, taking out whatever lay inside.
2017-09-26 23:43:00 [English] Cody Brown says: C', he good.
2017-09-26 23:43:00 ★ Lamari Jason would defend himself and swing as well.
2017-09-26 23:43:03 ★ Trey Richardson rushes back to the bike.
2017-09-26 23:43:10 ★ Jovan Campbell sprints towards Lamari, attempting to wrpa his arms around his lap and tackle him.
2017-09-26 23:43:17 Jovan Campbell: (( Oh ))
2017-09-26 23:43:19 Trey Richardson: (( /pay me ))
2017-09-26 23:43:30 * Cody Brown throws a few fists at Lamari's back. *
2017-09-26 23:43:33 Alexander Bezrukov: (( GG ))
2017-09-26 23:43:47 If you were killed due to DM or anything similar, /report to get an admin to revive you.
2017-09-26 23:43:47 If you accept your death, you may lose some of your items - unless revived.
2017-09-26 23:44:28 [English] Nicholas Giordano [RADIO] says: PD to Fd.
2017-09-26 23:44:29 ADVERT: The Russian Lady is now OPEN! Located on Beverly Ave, accross from the Verona Mall!
2017-09-26 23:44:42 Thank you for submitting your Issue with another player report. (Report ID: #7).
2017-09-26 23:44:42 You reported (74) Cody Brown. Reason:
2017-09-26 23:44:42 I had low HP and had a brawl with a guy and I died, please revive me.
2017-09-26 23:44:42 An admin will respond to your report ASAP. Currently there are 7 admins available.
2017-09-26 23:44:42 You can close this report at any time by typing /er.

I can provide the log files for the incidents if required.

Thank you.

Method of Death-


Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?-



Edited by Santeri
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cba honestly also lamari jason himself cannot roleplay remorse and any feeling or regret after mercilessly kiling a man behind his back, and two innocent people he hanged around with previously

get ur rp together you fucking biscuit @CHROMEAYY





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Hey, Ryan Wilkes here as I was actually one of the 2 other people pk'd at the event can I just say that we didn't even know he was ganna shoot us or anything. There was zero rp we were just hanging around with him for a good 30minutes and as this drunk guy turnt up and started causing a racket we sort of decided to "deal" with that as we were talking to the old man he just pulled his gun and capped all 3 of us in the head. Another note: there was no reaction time.

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The CK app was in progress and I was reconned the whole time. The two guys Ryan and other was Pk'ed to leave no witnesses beings though they wanted to stick by Cody side the entire time. Cody if you was Pk'ed after the situation when you held me at gunpoint, or after you decided to to beat me with your friend, let that be that. You wasn't pked during neither of our situations nor was I responsible for your death. Seems like you have been eliminated out of other people's situations, not mine. Therefore, I still had knowledge of everything leading up to the last time you crossed me and I was never pked so all the memory is here. I normally give people three strikes, unfortunately you had two and the last one was on you but some of us learn the easy way, some learn the hard way.

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9 hours ago, fluX said:

Hey there, its daniel connors. Wanted to ask why my names in there? Am i somehow involved?

You and I kidnapped kidnapped Lamari and took him to the woods.

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1 hour ago, fluX said:

Yeah, but how does that connect to the CK itself?

It doesn't really as I was PK'ed in the situation. However it's part of the narrative.

40 minutes ago, Radhwan said:

Using the excuse of being PK'd in later situations to avoid any relations with your earlier situation is a really pathetic way of attempting to convince admins to reverse your CK.

That's common sense for everyone, but it was part of the same situation. 

It was the same situation (not seperate), when Lamari was with us right after when we returned back to Liverpool from the woods. I got shot and PK'ed at the crib literally right after I parked my car, got out and changed a few words with the shotcallers.

Edited by Santeri
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My situation with you was over obviously as you got involved into a whole other situation not even pertaining to me or involving me. If you decided to skip off and provoke somebody to kill you two minutes after arriving back from kidnapping me and holding me at gunpoint, it does not wipe my memory. If you was ck'ed however, it would but to me you never died and nor did I get revenge for that. 


And when you and your boy "C.F" assaulted me or tried I should say, I beat the breaks off you and left you dead scriptwise until you was able to rp injuries. I beat your boy to, defending myself 2vs1 all hands. It was not voided but yet another time that you put my life at risk and you wasn't pked or ck'ed after that.


Anything that was voided, you shouldn't speak on cause I don't.

I just know that the first time I came for revenge, you was pronounced dead on the scene with two of your homeboys who seen my face. I thank you for the rp experience and I really needed the character development. Now I'm not bullied anymore xD

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On 6.10.2017 at 7:26 PM, CHROMEAYY said:

My situation with you was over obviously as you got involved into a whole other situation not even pertaining to me or involving me. If you decided to skip off and provoke somebody to kill you two minutes after arriving back from kidnapping me and holding me at gunpoint, it does not wipe my memory. If you was ck'ed however, it would but to me you never died and nor did I get revenge for that. 


And when you and your boy "C.F" assaulted me or tried I should say, I beat the breaks off you and left you dead scriptwise until you was able to rp injuries. I beat your boy to, defending myself 2vs1 all hands. It was not voided but yet another time that you put my life at risk and you wasn't pked or ck'ed after that.


Anything that was voided, you shouldn't speak on cause I don't.

I just know that the first time I came for revenge, you was pronounced dead on the scene with two of your homeboys who seen my face. I thank you for the rp experience and I really needed the character development. Now I'm not bullied anymore xD

One situation was voided, another one is in equivalent. The third one was just me throwing a few punches at you. You only have one not voided nor in equivalent incident against me, but sadly that's not enough for a character-kill from my point of view.

I already changed a few words about this with an administrator. I got an opinion from @LokiHavok





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You kidnapping me, pistol whipping me, and holding me at gunpoint was our first encounter and from my pov, that situation alone was traumatizing and CK worthy.


However, you insisted on crossing me again which lead to the application itself. I fought for my life 1vs2 and escaped with my own personal intentions. You was aware of our first encounter and still decided to harm me again. How else was you going to learn? Beat me to death or badly, then I put in CK app?


I don't run around trigger happy shooting people cause of issues especially small ones. 


If I felt it was necessary to kill you, it was CK worthy for sure. #100

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On 8.10.2017 at 6:02 AM, CHROMEAYY said:

You kidnapping me, pistol whipping me, and holding me at gunpoint was our first encounter and from my pov, that situation alone was traumatizing and CK worthy.


However, you insisted on crossing me again which lead to the application itself. I fought for my life 1vs2 and escaped with my own personal intentions. You was aware of our first encounter and still decided to harm me again. How else was you going to learn? Beat me to death or badly, then I put in CK app?


I don't run around trigger happy shooting people cause of issues especially small ones. 


If I felt it was necessary to kill you, it was CK worthy for sure. #100

Yeah, but I got PK'ed during the situation. Try to understand the facts I'm telling you.

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You created your own personal issue with someone and got pked after we went our separate ways and that was not in the midst of our situation but in fact after and I got nothing to do with that. 

The app wasn't put in after that situation and you took it upon yourself to outnumber and harm me once again but sadly it didn't go your way. 


Was I suppose to forget about our first encounter once you crossed me again? Ohh no. You wanted me to say "Nigga, didn't you die.." and forget about it haha.


If I was about to CK you and someone pked you, would you be ck'ed cause my app was in progress?? Or I can't CK you now, cause you got pked.. Think about it.


If I didn't get pked pertaining to that situation I got complete full memory of it my guy.. It's a reason why only you was ck'ed and not your partner from the kidnapping situation. I actually let you slide after that one xD

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14 hours ago, CHROMEAYY said:

You created your own personal issue with someone and got pked after we went our separate ways

I created that issue way long back and I got PK'ed during our situation. Even after I was PK'ed, you continued your roleplay with Cody as you were relieved of him dying:


2017-09-24 03:40:54 ★ Lamari Jason crouches near Cody.


2017-09-24 03:47:44 ★ Lamari Jason fakes mourn alongside shaking his head in relief and disappointment.


2017-09-24 04:04:54 ★ Lamari Jason kicks Cody's head discretely.


2017-09-24 04:06:45 PM From (23) Conroy Johnson: But, if you want to respawn go ahead, unless you have any items that'll be taken by ASH.


2017-09-24 04:09:26 If you accept your death, you may lose some of your items - unless revived.
2017-09-24 04:09:36 Respawning...


Don't try to make up your own lies. @CHROMEAYY

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@CHROMEAYY If he was PK'd why would you even go after him anymore, that's stupid in my opinion,  it would be a fair CK,  but he got PK'd after  that situation, then you came back and CK'd him.  Doesn't make any sense to CK someone after PK and then being relieved of him being killed [PK'd].

Maybe some admins could answer to this too @Hurley  @OhhPixelz @Swanker anybody? Would like an answer from administrator too.

Edited by eoozy
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@CHROMEAYY Oh god dude, really? Let me make it dumb proof for you:
1) He beat you up & took you back to the hood
2) He got killed & you were with him (especially RP-d him being PK-d)
3) You went to CK him because you remembered he got PK-d before

My question is simple, are you dumb or just playing dumb? I'm surprised how even admins approved your CK?? I guess you lied to admins for getting the CK app approved because I just read the whole topic & clearly that's not acceptable. I think it's time for you to return to white male RP before you proceed with Afro-Americans RP. Nothing personal fam, but going to CK people after you saw them getting PK-d & RP-ing along with it seems like you have some mental problems or personal hate towards the person.

Edited by Maboo
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Lol I was not with him when he was pk'ed. He demanded me to apologize to his friend after the kidnapping and I did that as his friend was laying suffering from gunshot wounds. Our situation ended there as I then separated myself from him and others.

Till this day I reside 30 steps away from where he was pk'ed. Everytime he get pk'ed on the strip I can't wipe memory. When you bully beat and rob 100 people, you bound to get pk'ed after every situation lmao. Revenge still around the corner.

Make less enemies and you wouldn't have this problem, but it's sure not my problem.


And once again, this app wasn't put in after this situation. It was put in after our second encounter in which he attempted to harm me with his affiliate and failed.

I then took it upon myself to show him he really got the wrong one, can't blame me...

I did nothing but post all my evidence to why this guy was a threat to my life, and obviously he was and that's why this CK APP was accepted in the first place ;)

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1 hour ago, CHROMEAYY said:

Lol I was not with him when he was pk'ed.

You was in the ambulance with me at the time, because you was injured as well because we beat you up and got treatment at the hospital afterwards. You also roleplayed relief for Cody's injuries and kicked him in the head while he was bleeding to death. I eventually got PK'ed as I was recommended to respawn as I stated before.

1 hour ago, CHROMEAYY said:

And once again, this app wasn't put in after this situation. It was put in after our second encounter in which he attempted to harm me with his affiliate and failed.

Excuse me? You powergamed and that situation was voided by administrator @Salsa


My point of view shows that you are trying to wring the situation to look good on your behalf. You're using your own words and arguments, that are invalid. Logs I provided state the facts otherwise.

Your words goes beyond the facts and the logs proove it all. Seriously this is starting to look bad on your behalf.

Nothing personal, but I'm just so upset when you don't provide any logs, evidence and besides from that spit out many false arguments.


@CHROMEAYY Spit your game, talk your shit, grab your gat. Shoot.


Edited by Santeri
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That was our third encounter, when you tried to beat me, yet once again and I pk'ed you and your boy that time. You qq'ed cause my rp said *lifts up shirt* and I had on a skin with no shirt and it was voided and I have not spoken on that situation yet in your appeal.


You forgetting about the second time you attempted to harm me and I knocked you out and beat up your boy and we took off after police arrived...? Or do I need to put you on blast in this appeal. Everyone can see logs xD I'll happily post them

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You was in the progress of robbing and beating on someone with your boys. I pulled up, your boy got tough and we begin to fight and you jumped in. You was beat during the brawl (Killed scriptwise until admin revived you to rp injuries) and your boy was beat (Bleeding scriptwise) as well.

Mind you this happens a couple days after you pistol whipped me and kidnapped me and that definitely had a negative impact on my character development but I definitely turned it into a positive. I had knowledge that you was pk'ed shortly after you left me, yes, and I did not intend on coming for revenge, or put in a CK application for that simple reason however that was not voided and still an rp experience for me, that I did not retaliate for.


Now when you decided to beat and possible rob me like you guys was doing the other guy and failed, it was clearly another time that you have crossed me and you are basically wanting me to believe you was "dead" during our encounters like I can't come for revenge and know who you are and what you did to me, your ridiculous.




And even when I ck'ed you, you was trying to harm somebody else like.. When you do that 24/7, you bound to get pk'ed every 10 minutes.. If you messing with people like me #100

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I reviewed the situation and logs from my behalf and I roleplayed along with Cody many times in Crips, just like you did Lamari. I have nothing against you @CHROMEAYY but your words just doesn't match with the logs I read.
I hope this appeal gets reviewed soon.

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