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E/S Diablo Azules 18

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History of 18th Street in California

18th Street began as an offshoot of Clanton 14, a gang that has it’s origins in the 1940s. 18th Street itself was formed after a disagreement over membership of immigrants. Since then, 18th Street has become the fastest growing gang in Southern California. It even has branches that exist in Central America. Because of this it is known as a multi-ethnic and transnational criminal organization.


Today, despite it’s origins as a Mexican-American gang, 18th Street is majority Central American. Hoever, it has a large minority Mexican American prescence in membership. Unlike other Hispanic gangs, some 18th Street clicks have been known to accept blacks and whites that have grown up in the neighborhood. This is partly the reason for their rapid ascencion, with some estimate claiming membership levels of upwards of 40,000 in the United States alone.


The Diablo Azules of East Los

The Diablo Azules, or Blue Devils is a click of the notorious 18th Street Gang situated on Pilon Street. In the heart of Los Santos’ Central American community of East Los. It draws it’s members from the Mexican and Central American populace of the area. But also from nearby neighborhoods of Stonebridge & Jefferson. Both areas home to many poverty stricken whites and blacks, respectively. It is a relatively young branch of 18th Street but is growing exponentially due to it’s connections with various other ethnicities in the area. It’s activities include drug trafficking, arms trade. They gang identifying dress is black & blue. Black being their original colours that predate La eMe. The latter being a colour adopted to signify their collusion with the Mexican Mafia. They can be identified by their various 18th Street related tattoos and their clothing.




--By joining this faction in anyway, you agree that your character can be CK’d by the leadership--

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