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Residential - 7 Reagan Street, Palomino Creek.

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Los Santos Auction House - Residential

Property Type:


7 Reagan Street, Palomino Creek.

- Mind-blowing six very secured parking spots provided with CCTV cameras.
- Water sprinklers all around the garden.
- Nartel Stainless Steel Pedestal Bollard lights all around the property to provide beautiful lightning at night time.
- Low Americano Patio cover & a wooden top vehicle port for all sorts of bikes and motorycles, also provided with CCTV cameras.
- Amazing white rare granite kitchen equipped with all kitchen needs.
- HUGE 100 INCH Samsung Television along with SEVEN black leather soft sofas facing it.
- Amazing spacious garage in the interior provided with a large glass projecting into the living room.
- King sized bed room, & a classy neat bathroom next to each other.
- Plant pots with automatic sprinklers abode all around the interior & the exterior of the residence.
Exterior/Interior Images:



Starting Bid: $49,000
Minimum Increase: $1,000
Buyout: $100,000
Auction ends: 30/09/2017








Contact Information: TBA to the winner

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