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[Advertisement] Vinewood Call Girls!

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((Posters would be scattered around the city with a scannable tag, An ONLINE Advert would also be posted))

Vinewood Call Girls available for hire!

 Set up an appointment - http://bit.ly/VWCallGirls


Get a companion for a "Date", She'll satisfy you to your hearts content!


This is a new escort company, with three main stars!


Leave a review! - http://bit.ly/ReviewVWCG


Memberships are to be assigned via the phone, Set up an appointment for more information!

Membership card owners get exclusive features!

•"Roleplay" Scenarios

• Escorts in their property when appointed

• Dress your escort!

• More features that are only known to card holders!


All Card Handlers are background checked and evaluated by the company before being appointed a membership card.





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