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[PRESS RELEASE] A Great Crusade

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September 24th, 2017







CPQL Press Conference Official Press Release


On Saturday, the 24th of September, 2017, the CPQL hosted a planned and successful Press Conference to discuss several topics that had been of issue or importance throughout the last several months due to the shrinking of regularity of Press Releases. The Conference was hosted by the former Public Relations Commissioner and newly appointed Deputy County Commissioner, Keira Mosley. Journalists from the San Andreas Network were able to make plans to attend along with several administrators in the CPQL and curious citizens.


The first topic discussed at the Press Conference was the recent CPQL interventions and ongoing reforms in the Los Santos International Airport, which have been going on for sometime now. The entire drama surfaces several months back when an LSIA commercial flight transporting vehicles to a drag race illegally landed on the drag strip, almost hitting an ambulance and some racers in the act, going against all protocols. Federal authorities immediately began looking into the incident and informed the CPQL of what they knew, leading to the main executives of the CPQL along with the Council itself sitting down with the current administrator of LSIA at the time along with two of his assistants to discuss and negotiate terms. While the immediate demands made by the CPQL were simply figuring out a way to prevent an incident like this in the future and that the LSIA had to issue a public statement, more and more issues began surfacing, especially how that Airport had been working privately to collect money. As Deputy Commissioner Mosley put it,


"As a government agency we didn't believe it was morally or ethically right to allow LSIA to continue operating as a private company while at the same time receiving tax dollars and full assistance as they tried to do at the drag-strip."


Toward the end of the meeting, the heads of LSIA were given an ultimatum. Issue a public apology, allow the CPQL to review the agency internally, and make sure this doesn't happen again. The Airport staff abruptly refused, resulting in the canning of the administrator and the drafting of new plans to improve the Airport between the Commissioners.


Fast forwarding through the months till when some of these plans began implementation. In an email confrontation, Commissioner Mengele and Deputy Commissioner Mosley sought to end many of the issues that had been "lurking" in the LSIA for many years now, ignored by previous government administrations. In short, Mengele and Mosley requested, full access by CPQL Administrators to any and all LSIA servers, documents, and facilities, an immediate audit of the Los Santos International Airport and any entities, the better publication of recruitment, ads, or acts through the LSIA and/or better cooperation with the CPQL Public Relations Team. The newly appointed LSIA Administrator, Emily Forrester, accepted all of the terms and as of September 24, all of the terms have been fulfilled accept for the audit which is still in the process of being delivered.


While this was a great leap forward in reforming the Airport, there are still many more steps that need to be taken. An attempt to temporarily close the Flight School Program, LSIA's main function as an agency, was just recently shot down by the CPQL, which is now pressuring the Airport to continue the program and recruit more Flight Instructors. Further CPQL plans for the Airport include the opening of its own publications team and/or the CPQL Public Relations Team taking over all publicity for the Airport. The CPQL also looks forward to further publicity of LSIA activity and more transparency in the agency. The People of Los Santos deserve the know where every penny of their tax money goes and LSIA is not an exception to this. While we do not know what the future may hold for LSIA, it is clear that with negotiations between the CPQL and Miss Forrester being seemingly successful, the future appears bright.


"One of our main promises when coming to power was that we were going to drain the swamp in Los Santos, and we as a party saw LSIA as one of the main Swamp Monsters in that fight."




San Andreas Public Transit System


Another exciting topic talked about at the Press Conference was the reintroduction of the San Andreas Public Transit System. The new transportation machine will be overlooked and led by the Public Works Commissioner, Tim Cassidy. While it is still an interesting and progressing development, Commissioner Cassidy is already on the search for skilled drivers and conductors for the buses and other vehicles being used. These drivers are expected to know the rules of the roads, have excellent customer service, and know the county like the backs of their hands. The bus routes are still being designed and will be published by the Public Works Department in the coming weeks along with the competitive salary program that comes for those interested in driving.


Commissioner Cassidy also spoke of participation in the TransSecure Program, giving assistance to those who are in danger. Citizens in difficult, struggling, or dangerous situations will be able to contact the SAPT and be taken somewhere safer free of charge. For example, a domestic abuse victim tired of years of violence and unhappiness may be eligible for a free ride to stay at the CPQL Luxury Shelter in East Beach free of charge. Other areas discussed were the prices for transportation and the availability of bus passes. The unavailing date of the new system will be released soon and we are all very excited.




General Government Update


Towards the middle of the Press Conference came the general government update. A time to sit back and listen to some of the interesting yet somewhat unexciting changes that have happened in the CPQL. The most important subject discussed during this time in the three hour gathering was the massive change in the Financial Department. Ever since the resignation of the original CPQL Fianancial Commissioner, Oswin Sherman, there has been a hole in the entire administration that nobody could quite fill. We believe, however, that this hole has now been filled.


With the passing of our most recent Financial Commissioner, it was clear that something needed to be done. A adequate man with experience with money and administration was needed to lead the financial department and the CPQL believed there was no better choice to do so than Scott Bishop. Commissioner Bishop proved his determination and loyalty to the CPQL during his time leading the Bureau of Traffic Services, which is still manages as well. Commissioner Bishop and his two new assistants will be taking a new strategy to the government Financial Department, divide and conquer. With their revolutionary and complex schemes, they will be dividing the work that previously stressed out and confused one man, into three sections which they will all actively contribute too. If done properly, which we are all sure it will be, this will be a major victory for the CPQL in a time where major victories are but a memory of the past in this steady scheme of things.


The CPQL is also looking for more members and trying to sort through the applications we already have. We are short staffed on Public Security Services Troopers and Public Works Technicians. Those interested in applying should do so on the Los Santos County Government Website or pick up a form from the County Hall.




A Message from the District Attorney's Office


While District Attorney Steven Spade, a very busy man dedicated to liberty, security, and justice in our home of Los Santos and the great state of San Andreas, wasn't able to attend the Press Conference due to schedule complexities, the CPQL was able to deliver a message on his behalf along with the Courts. Citizens are reminded that it is indeed illegal to operate a business without a proper business license issued by the Financial Department of the Los Santos County Government. The DA's Office has began cracking down hard on these unlawful operations, Spade's investigators doing an amazing job at locating and noting down illegal businesses that do not comply with County regulation. If you are a business owner, please, make sure that your company, corporation, or whatever you may run is properly and lawfully licensed and has its full documentation or risk prosecution and punishment in a court of law.


The CPQL was also obligated to speak about the recent Gang Injunction that was filed and approved in the El Corona region of the city of Los Santos. The Injunction, filed against the gang believed to be known as 'ASF-13' is now being enforced actively by our heroes in the Los Santos Police Department and all other LEO's who patrol our streets and keep the safe for the state and federal authorities. The Injunction along with those that it effects may be found here. Members of the gang who associate with each other or continue committing crime will not only be charged with their respect crimes that they are charged with, but also contempt of court for disobeying the Injunction, which is effective a gang restraining order intended to break up gang activity in the area. The CPQL wishes our Law Enforcement Officers God's Blessings and to stay safe in their most righteous crusade against crime and anarchy in a city whose foundation relies upon civilization, order, and loyalty.




The Press Conference finished off with a quick Q&A and interview which we assume will appear on the San Andreas Network's website and we look forward to reading. Our Leader Commissioner Mengele and the rest of the CPQL thanks those who attended and those currently reading and wishes them a safe and happy fall. God Bless all of you.



Your Los Santos County Government Press Release

Article and Photography by Public Relations Team

Keira Mosley and Zoe Randall, 2017

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