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Dinoco - Insurance Enquiry - Luke Collison

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Dinoco - Insurance

General Information

Name*: Luke Collison

Phone Number*: 828602


Vehicle Information

Make*: Harley Davidson

Year*: 2003

Model*: Dyna Super Glide Sport

VIN*: 5981


Signature*: Luke Collison

DD/MM/YYYY* 24/9/2017

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Dinoco - Insurance


Mr.Collison, after reviewing your request, we have come to a conclusion for a quote on your vehicle. The quote we are offering you is $15 per month (payday) for a "basic protection" plan on your vehicle, please respond if you accept.





  • No Deductibles.
  • Only minor car accidents.
  • Claims are redirected to Pay'n'Spray garages 
  • We pay entirely the claims as long they are eligible for Pay'N'Spray garages.




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