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Brett Chambers

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Name: Brett Chambers

Age: Thirty-Two

Weight: Seventy-Eight Kilograms

Height: One-hundred and Ninety Centre-meters

Race: Caucasian

Religion: Christian

Father: Christopher Chambers

Mother: Mary Chambers

Origin: United States of America




Early Life


Brett Chambers was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts in the United States of America to both his Caucasian Parents, Christopher and Mary Chambers at the Local Massachusetts General Hospital at 9:09pm on December the Twenty-Fifth Nineteen-Eight-Four. Brett was the first child that Christopher and Mary Chamber's had and the only child they ever had. After three weeks in a Hospital bed, Brett was finally able to go home and live in his wonderful home with his parents. Brett had many cousins however they lived in other states of the country and thus travelling was difficult but however when Brett was released from the Hospital on his way home, All his family from all the states around the United States of America came to come see him, Including Uncle Ben, Aunty Betty, Grandpa Max, Grandma Suzy, Cousin Seth, Cousin Lisa and All his other relatives. Brett had many relatives as his parent's both had quite a large family and they all loved to see him thus this they travelled across the country to come see him.





"Christopher Chambers"

Christopher Chambers was indeed as well born in West Newbury, Massachusetts in the United States of America, Christopher was born by Max Chambers and Suzy Chambers. As Christopher grew up he was a quick learner, He learned how to walk by the age of 2, He spoke good English at the age of 3 and started school at the age of 4. Christopher was quite Intelligent and was always top of all his classes throughout Primary. Christopher was very smart in High School and was in all the Extension and High Level classes, However he wasn't very popular and this had lead him to be quite depressed throughout High School giving him some suicidal thoughts however he learnt that Success is better then Popularity so he thrived to continue his success and show them that because he focused on School and not being popular and doing immature actions that he'd succeed and become successful which he has. After finishing High School Christopher got a scholarship to Harvard University to study Criminology and Human Justice as he was always keen and interested in solving cases and figuring why things happen and how they happen with using research and skills. Whistle Christopher was doing a 6 Year Course, 3 Years for Criminology and 3 years for Human Justice, He received a phone call from the New York Police Department Precinct 99 from Captain Roger Edwards. The 99th Precinct was a big precinct of Detectives, Which is currently maintained and over-viewed by Captain Roger Edwards and one of the biggest precincts in the United States of America. Captain Roger's stated that he has received information from Harvard University that your a top student in the Criminology course and that they've been reviewing your performance and studies and we would like to offer you a job within the 99th Precinct, We believe that you are a talented young student, You have mastered all your courses, and you have quite the knowledge about the Judicial System and how it operates and functions and after you received your Bachelor Degree we'd like to hire you within our Department. Thus Christopher was highly excited and surprised and told everyone he's big news however this meant that he had to Leave Massachusetts and Fly to New York which he did after receiving his apprenticeship. On his flight to New York, He had a reunion with all his family across the country who came to see him and congratulate him before he set off to New York. Once he arrived in New York, Christopher saw that they were 3 Black SUV Undercover Police Vehicles, With 3 Men in black suits with Sunglasses on, as they saw him, they whistled towards him, directing him to approach them and his proceeded walking towards them, as they drove towards the Precinct, We're Christopher took the elevator towards Roger's Office. And from therefore he had a chat with Roger and on the same day receiving the job and his badge. However Christopher never shot a gun before but he had the intensive knowledge on how it's concealed and fired and therefore the Captain made him an offer that if he can prove his firearm skill on the field in the shooting range he'll around his CCWP which he had gain after only a few lessons showing an impressive shooting skill which had earned his CCWP License. Christopher worked in the 99th Precinct for about 10 Years and after all his 303 Solved Cases, Thus the Captain retiring from his position, he was a selected few that the Commissioner of the Police Department has selected to take over the role of Captain for the 99th precinct and after written and physical exams throughout a whole week coming to the decision the Commissioner has chosen him for the role which had made him and his family very happy, taking over as the Acting Captain the following week. Christopher was very successful and thus it got him all this way and Max and Suzy were very encouraging and lovely parent's that lead him to success. One day during a case Christopher was severely shot multiple times during the end of the case at a Siege on a gang raid, and they immediately took him to Hospital we're he was treated by Mary Turner, Which he couldn't later thank afternoon, thus they started seeing each other and began a relationship getting married a few years later and having a wonderful baby called Brett Chambers.





"Mary Chambers"

Mary Chambers was born in Brooklyn, New York, She was born to Luis and Cassandra Turner, She lived in a successful family, whom we're Lawyers and Doctors. Mary worked very hard school and was as well quite popular and enjoyed all her life, throughout High School she was in the top ten student's within Brooklyn High. After going to Brooklyn University to Study Medicine and Nursing, For a four year course, After finishing her course at Brooklyn University, She went back home to live with her parent's. She was Five-Foot-Five and Weighed Fifty Kilograms at the age of Twenty-Seven. One day she received an email from her mother's workplace, stating that they were looking for professional nurses and qualified with a degree in Medicine and Nursing, After having her interview a week later she received an email she received the job where she began working the following day, working in the same work place as her mother made her happy and feel close to home. One day on her work duty, She was assigned to treat a critical injured victim which was Captain Christopher Chambers, She was nervous but carefully gathering the team and equipment, she was able to successfully treat and revive Christopher. Whistle this operation took several Hours and Christopher staying in the hospital for up to a week, When she returned to his bed to check up on him, He was finally recovering and began to woke up, slowly peering into his face and him peering at her face, they had a special moment and he had always thanked her for saving his life, thus this, they ended up grabbing a cup of coffee once he was released from the hospital and they ended up in a relationship and are now a married couple and they've had a lovely boy called Brett Chambers. 





Baby Years - Teenage Years - Adult Years

Brett Chambers like his father was a quick learner, quickly learning how to walk and how to talk, Brett was a shy guy but he was quite a beautiful young boy, He started school at Brooklyn Elementary as he moved there a few years after he was born, Brett was acknowledged as a smart kid however not very interactive and he usually remained in his room, reading books and watching Sc-Fi, Brett was in the top of all his classes from beginning of time Straight to Grade 7. Throughout Elementary Brett was liked by many girls however he's shyness and lack of inability to interact with others has caused him to stay off the relationship grid. Brett attended Brooklyn High like his Mother Suzy and focused on his school work, Earning top awards, becoming top student in the school and also receiving a Scholarship to Yale University, To Study Biology and Criminology as he really enjoyed discovering about the human life, how it functions, and discovering what every actions mean and he wanted to also follow into his father's footsteps. After receiving his Diploma in Biology and Criminology, Brett decided to move to Los Santos to start a fresh new Life and get a successful job and life using all his knowledge and skills and certificates like his diploma. Thus this meant leaving his family, even though his father offered him a job in the 99th Precinct he decided he wanted a new life somewhere else and even though this upset his father he accepted it and they all wished him the best, leaving all his family behind to begin a new Life.




"The New Life in Los Santos"

As Brett flew to Los Santos, Leaving behind all his family, He overseen the lovely city and the very socialising people, which made him happy that this city is the right place for him, even though this city had quite a lot of good people they were still tons of bad people, However him refraining from interacting with people has helped him not be involved in any criminology or be a victim of a crime. On his few months of coming to Los Santos, Brett has purchased a personal Boat and a Personal Car as well as moving into a brand new House and kick starting his life.




(( This Thread is Strictly OOC and Any information taken IC'ly whatsoever is strictly metagaming and is a punishable offence which will be reported to the Administrators. ))


(( This Thread is Undergoing Development and Screenshots and Video's and Text Will be uploaded to continue showing progress of his life ))


(( Helpfull and Positive Comments would be highly appreciated this was created from scratch and time and effort was put in into this character development so if you could provide points to improve it would be highly appreciated ))


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6 hours ago, Guntars said:

im sorry to say this but this thread is basically completely irrelevant and cluttered information that probably not even you care about evenly spread on a fat ass font




Uhh thank you for your feedback however that is untrue, I strictly made this character so that I can be more involved in Passive Role play to develop myself, learn new stuff. This character strictly isn't here just to f around or focus on one thing, and the font's Are a little big but it was to show clearness and neatness so please just actually wait until I post updates? then judge?, I mean I did clearly clarify it's in development so like other's say that please wait, I'm not great at this writing, and tbh it's my first actual writing so think about your judgement.

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