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SecuriCorp is a United States security company founded in 1964 by Antonio Gomez. SecuriCorp started its first operations near Portsmouth, Virginia and with its success it slowly started expanding in nearby states and even countries such as Germany and France, providing quality security & cash solutions. Due to the company's success, a new branch will open up in Los Santos to do what they know best.



SecuriCorp is divided into two branches where both can cooperate together depending on the task. The two branches are:

Secure Solutions: This branch includes areas such as manned security services, risk consulting, 'monitoring and response services' and consultancy services. Secure Solutions may also take the task of transporting and guarding VIPs or other paid parties that are in need of our services.


Cash Solutions: This branch includes cash cycle management for individuals, businesses and banks and secure transportation of valuable assets. Cash Solutions helps you cut the cost, time, risk and effort of managing the businesses' money by doing it for you.



Here in SecuriCorp, the following points are basically how we operate for the best interest of the client:

Resourcefulness: We believe that any goal that you want can be reached and surpassed by being creative and thinking "outside of the box".

Confidentiality: Our clients are confidential to everyone except the people involved in each task. We believe that by gaining the trust of our clients then we can co-operate much more efficiently.

Enthusiasm: We are always enthusiastic to work with our clients and we can assure you that we never stop thinking about how can we improve our services or what can be done to complete our job more efficiently.

Integrity: We always provide details and explain to our clients how we work so they can have a better idea of how things are operated and also we can be in coordination with the clients so we can do complete the tasks more efficiently.

Professionalism: Professionalism is basically the key to success. We only choose people we believe would do the task appropriately and we ensure that our services are as professional and successful as they can be.



Our goal is to provide the best security services in Los Santos, while also keeping the prices affordable. Our job is to help you sleep without worries at night knowing that any task you have assigned to us will be completed to its fullest extent.



Currently, the only way to contact us whether it is about recruitment, jobs or just questions would be our website.

www.SecuriCorp.com (( Discord Invite Link : ErWWff4 ))

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