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Emilio "Mili" Dominguez

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First name: Emilio

Nickname: "Mili"

Last name: Dominguez

Place of Residence: Unknown

Date of birth: June, 9th, 1994

Weight: 89kg

Height: 180cm







Early life.

   Emilio's was born in Jefferson, to a Latino mother and an African American father, Rosa Dominguez  and respectively Reginald Little. His father never married Rosa, leaving her just after 3 years of raising Emilio. As a kid, Mili hardly ever received any proper education at home, his mom was a heroin addict, but she struggled to resist the temptation, trying to lose the bad habit. She was going to meeting weekly, leaving Mili to grow up with an addicted mother, and father less

    School wasn't too good with Emilio either, he was always being picked on due to his brown skin. Although, Mili was though, even if he got picked on, he fought back, and he was fighting good. Back in high school, Mili was making his way down the hall-way when  a white kid called him a "Migger", instantly triggering him to bash his head in, using his bare hands to grab him, pushing the kiddo to the side as he forcefully send multiple punches towards his face. When the kid dropped down, Mili spit on him and walked away. This got him expelled from high school, and got him sent to the Youth Detention Center for a while.


Carson Brown Pride

   Emilio, 23 years of age, could be seen riding around his BMX, looking for a fix, his mother's addiction caught up to him, making him crave for that high. He was wondering around East Los Santos when he got up on Carson St. and noticed  a group of individuals, Latino's,  that were dealing around the apartment complex. Mili got up to one of them and ask for some, paid up, then asked if he could shoot it right there. Minutes later, he laid down on the grass, resting his back on the cold wall of the apartment block as he poked his vein and felt the drug taking over him, feeling the high over-come his senses, leaving him numb and dreamy.

   Later that day, he came back, this time looking for friends. Growing up, Emilio never had the chance of belonging somewhere, he was always being mocked due to his temper and his origins, now, he could finally belong somewhere. He found a friend in Samuhel Trujillo, which represented for Mili, also a mentor. They got up together by snorting coke. Both of them got coked up before going out and looking for trouble. 















Losing his house.

   Emilio was making serious cash at that time, robbing people, selling dope, going around the city and causing trouble in general. He couldn't put it in a bank so he stashed it all at his place. Problem is, he was still living with his mom, which at that time, was still trying to get herself cleaned up, to lose the H addiction. 



★ Emilio Dominguez would pull up in the driveway, parking his car as he notices that his mom's car is up -

 ★ -front. ((Emilio Dominguez))

 [Spanish] Emilio Dominguez says: Well, fuck.

 ★ Emilio Dominguez would get a grip of the door's handle before pushing it all the way down, cracking the door-

 ★ -open. ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ Emilio Dominguez peeks inside to notice his mom sitting on the Bed, crying out loud, with tears up on her-

 ★ -face. ((Emilio Dominguez))


★ Emilio's Mom would be a brunette mature woman, somewhere around the age of - ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ -50, with a colored skin toke, beautiful characteristics worthy of a latina. ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ Her head would be down, as he counts some money up whilist crying. ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ As soon as Emilio steps inside the house after opening the door, she would give him a look- ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ -which is hard to forget. ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ Her mouth would open only to let out a high pitched scream, merged with some spanish words- ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ -pronnounced perfectly. ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ Emilio Dominguez would be amazed of how fast she can shout and swear at the same time.

 ★ Emilio's Mom speaking in spanish whilist targeting Emilio with a dead eye look: ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ : What is this? What is this... Where did I go wrong with you Milo? ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ :Did I raise a murderer? A thug, what are you trying to prove? ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ Emilio Dominguez would flick his chin towards her as he speaks on a calm tone, slightly aggressive.

  [Spanish] Emilio Dominguez says: I'm taking care of you, do you really have to know how?

 ★ She would proceed to flash the bank notes towards Emilio so he could see the blood splatter- ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ -s on some of them. ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ Emilio Dominguez would attempt to comfort his birth giver by approaching her, realising that he still needs-

 ★ -a place to stash his earnings. ((Emilio Dominguez))

★ Emilio's Mom would ignore Emilio, procceding to speak on a calm voice, pointing towards- ((Emilio Dominguez))

★ -the door as he uses her other hand to throw the stack of cash towards him. ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ The money would splatter in mid air, getting ravashed across the room as Emilio- ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ -continues to pick them up quickly. ((Emilio Dominguez))

 ★ Emilio Dominguez rushes towards the door, giving one last look towards his mom before shuting the door.


  One day he got home, and this happened, Leaving Mili homeless.

      With the money he made, he could've just bought another house, but he chose to gamble it all, spend it on drugs and girls, which left him with little to none. He stranded from the group and lived on the streets for a while.




Current Life 

  Almost an year later, Mili is still up on the streets, once again, looking for a place where he could belong, but he fails to do so, maybe...something could come up for him.










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