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2002 Lexus IS300 SportCross

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Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle


Year: 2002

Make: Lexus
Model: IS300 SportCross
VIN: *Hidden*
Mileage: N/A

a beautiful 2002 Lexus IS300 Wagon or SportCross. it has a 2jz-ge engine inside, it has potential to push over 700hp if you are going to turbo it and tune it properly.





Starting Bid: 7000$
Minimum Increase: 1000$
Buyout 19,999$

Auction ends: 9/27/17
Contact Information: will be given to the winner.

*all comments would be disabled ((only ic, ooc however is enabled))
((sorry if the picture behind is a little harsh, but it's a reality we are living in egypt right now))

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29 minutes ago, Zoss said:

Name: Mr. Hikatori.

Bid: Buyout.

((Please keep it for me as I may not be online till later like around..10pm -4GMT. Really want this one.))

you win. contact me whenever you want later on today 747929
((sure i will.))

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