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[MODDED] 2015 Ford Mustang GT a.k.a #JSTANG

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Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle



Year: 2015

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang GT #JSTANG
Mileage: 6511

MMR 5.0 Coyote Race Mod 1500 Forged Shortblock
Hellion Twin Turbo Kit
Fowler Supercharger F-11
3.75" Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
Rossler TH210-XD Transmission
McLeod Racing Pro Series Clutch w/ Triple Disc
Completely Custom Front and Rear End reinforcements done by a shop in Detroit.
Ford Performance IRS Rear Differential w/ Uprated Axles
Ford Racing Coilovers, Anti-roll bars and Strut braces.
Ford Racing Interior (Seats, Dash, Cluster, etc)
Wilwood Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit
Nitto NT05R Street Radial Tyres
Weld Drag Racing Wheels

Is good for 3,000+ WHP but is limited to 1,500 (( 29 Acceleration ))

This vehicle made a name for itself back in the day and was a well know pro-mod vehicle, this vehicle beat a whole lot of cars in it's time before it was made back into a street car. The car has a Twin-charge setup, Meaning it has a Supercharger as well as Twin Turbochargers. Basicly no other legal RWD builds can currently beat this, it can even outrun most of AWD builds, but not all since AWD has better launch and grip overall. This car is a legend and i hope someone who wins this on auction will take good care of it and wont sell. Sadly i cant keep it because of my current state and business. Car also comes with custom JSTANG seats and plate.







Starting Bid: $250,000
Minimum Increase: $10,000
Buyout $400,000

Auction ends: 22/09/2017
Contact Information: #882120


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