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Tyler "Rusty" Brown (Deceased)

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Daddy's issues.



            A typical Sunday morning fades in, the sun is rising, birds are singing, something out of a fairytale. Little Tyler, aged 11 years old, wakes up as he rushes downstairs, feeling the smell of pancakes overcome his nostrils as he arrives at the kitchen door. Peeking through the door, he could notice his mother, Elizabeth, wearing a flowered decorated dress, walking around the kitchen, singing jolly songs as she prepares some pancakes. Tyler sets himself at the table as he says good morning to his mother, while waiting for his delicious syrup  flavoured pancakes. His mother pats him on the head in a lovely manner as he kisses him on the cheek, setting out the delicious pancakes for him. This morning would be ray of sunshine for Tyler, judging by the fact that his last years were a mess.


           Five years before that, June 1999, zooming in the Brown's residence on Giggles Avenue, Paradiso, San Fiero, multiple screams and shouts could be heard coming from inside. Peeking through the window, a male's body shape and a female's one could be seen nervously arguing. Elizabeth and George, the father of Tyler, were having an intense argument. Tyler was upstairs, in his room, laid on his bed with his headphones on. In between songs, Tyler could hear the front door slamming as he drops his headphones and rushes to the window, peeking through. He could see his father getting in his 1995 Cadillac DeVille as he storms off down the street. Tyler feels emotions overcome him as his hands and feet turn cold, rushing downstairs to see his mother crying on the couch. Slowly approaching her, she glances at Tyler, opening her arms for him. He quickly rushes into his mother's arms as he stays with her, letting tears drop down his face.




          Back to that typical Sunday morning, Tyler gets his backpack ready as he gets out of the house, rushing to school. Everything was perfect at the time, Elizabeth finally found someone to fill in the gap that Tyler's father left. She was dating a guy named Justin, he was a steady accountant, providing enough cash for himself, although he wasn't able to get along with Tyler. Fading in when about Tyler gets back from school, as he was walking down the street he could see multiple police cars around his house, strobes and lights on. All of the neighbours were gathered outside. Each and everyone of them had a surprised facial expression and at the same time, frightened. Tyler drops his school bag as he rushes to the house,  but he's quickly pulled back by some officers. Peeking through, he could notice two  black body-bags on the grass and his biological father, George, in handcuffs wearing a bloody white T-shirt, ripped up from the struggles he might have had while committing the gruesome murders. His '95 DeVille was parked right up front. At that moment, Tyler's heart shredded to pieces as he felt like fainting, rivers of tears were pouring down his innocent figure. An EMT rushed to him and attempted to get him out of the scene, but Tyler was struggling to get back inside his house, not knowing what he was doing. Tyler's dad was being stuffed in the backseats of the cruiser as he was crying as well, seeming to regret his action, but at that time, it was way too late for regret.




             Tyler was rushed to the hospital due to him fainting after the intense shock he suffered at the scene, seeing his mother in a body bag laid out cold on the grass and his father being taken in by the police. As he was sitting in the hospital bed after being stabilized, peeking out the window with snot and tears on his face, he heard some tapping sounds coming from outside his room, sounds of expensive heels rushing through the hospital's hallway, towards Tyler's room. As he glanced at the door he noticed a tall feminine figure, wearing a dark shaded trench-coat, long blonde hair , carrying an expensive dark shaded leather purse, her scent was mesmerizing, probably due to her expensive perfume. Her expression was terrified and demoralized. She was Tyler's aunt, Elizabeth's sister, Cassandra. She approached Tyler as she took a seat right next to him and grabed his gentle hand, knowing that she'll have to take his mother's role further and raise Tyler.








               July 2016, a silver 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL350 could be seen driving at a rapid speed on Interstate 89, heading towards Los Santos. The car would have a couple of boxes in the backseats, placed one over the other. Tyler was moving from San Fierro to Los Santos after having an argument with his aunt, which cut off all of his accounts, leaving him with little to none cash. Tyler parked up on Washington Street as he noticed a sign on a house -.."For Sale". He grabbed his phone, called up the number and used some of his remaining cash to purchase the house on #9 Washington Street.



               He hoped on his laptop after settling in and he started looking for jobs. Strolling through the web an interesting ad popped up : "Los Santos Fire Department - Apply now for this rewarding career". Said and done, Tyler left his application on their website and awaited for a response. A few days after he was called in for an interview, managed to nail it and he got into the Academy. Being a student was hard for Tyler, most of the time he spent in San Fierro with his aunt made him comfortable with the easy, almost wealthy life, and now he had to work hard for the dollar.

              He passed through the academy quite easily but finally made it to the Probationary FF/EMT rank. Now he had a badge, the uniform and he was ready to serve the people of Los Santos.


Life Savers.






From Officer to Detective. 











Dishonorably Discharged









Tyler's Death.


     Since Tyler went to jail, everything went down with him, he got discharged from the Police Department. He applied for the position of Commissioner of Defense but he got denied due to his recent criminal record. He dedicated his time to riding his motorcycle on a daily basis, going around the city, thinking about getting a new job. 

     24th of September, Tyler was looking for a place to get his bike worked on, he has found an advert on the web about a place called Beast Customs, he texted the number stated in and he was told to swing by VGS. Tyler put on his protective gear and headed down there. Upon approaching Vinewood Gas Station, he noticed a male, wearing a mask pointing a gun at a female, attempting to rob her. Tyler approached the scene to see what's going down, quickly reaching for his phone to call in for the police. Minutes after, a male on a dirt bike, approached Tyler, telling him that the robber is going to kill him if he gets to make the call. Tyler got off the bike, dropping his helmet as he reached inside of his vest, for his ambidextrous holster, withdrawing his SW1911, keeping it aimed towards the robber. He gunned down the masked male in a matter of seconds, feeling adrenaline rushing through his body like in the good old days when he was a cop. He approached the female, making sure she's ok.  A sound of a dirt bike could be heard approaching, with it's engine revving. Tyler turned around but it was too late for him, the bullets sent from the gun of the bike rider pierced through his skull, instantly sending him on the ground. 

    Tyler's stiff, soulless body was found hours later, laying near the  robber he gunned down to save the girl.

He died like a fool, trying to protect the people of Los Santos. 





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