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Probably a bit cringe posting here but I think it'll be ironically formal for me to introduce myself to the community who may or may not know me. I'll try to keep this short and simple, don't plan on typing out a full autobiography.


So my username is Law, got it from the early school days since I would always make the rules of activities and events. You're probably wondering why my whole red theme seems like I'm in some cult; personally, it's just what I think of when I try to create something to represent myself. The black cat that I seem obsessed with is the Egyptian Goddess symbol, research about that if you wish but yeah, the Egyptian cross on the cat in the logo is the Ankh which is the symbol of life or whatever. Probably a better explanation than if I told you it's because the black cat brings misfortune and bad luck which is what I do.


I'm originally from Kaunas in Lithuania, may be surprising and it's probably why I make Commie memes. I've lived in Essex, United Kingdom for the majority of my life. Finished my studies for some triple-A level shit in IT which was just pure coursework, no exams. It got me familiarised with graphics and work environments in that sector. I enjoy every genre of music and film, I listen to Blackbear and Frank Sinatra. I know I sound odd already but I guess I'll continue adding more stuff people don't care about.



I'm 18 years of age and my main interests are doing things that bring no relevance or benefit to me or people around me. You'll probably know if you ask me what I'm doing on a day to day basis. I do, however, have an interest in photo manipulation, gaming and helping others; as cringy as it may sound.


I joined this server at the first day of August 2016. In fact, if it weren't for my college mate buying me this game which was only £3, I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be the character I am today. He doesn't play anymore but I have to give credit to the person who brought me here, he knows he's a total spanner but @HastE is my pal who was on my side during the college days. We would steal other people's work on the college's server rather than doing the work. It worked out though because I got 3 A levels by using my effort to locate the already finished work. Anyway, I played the server pretty casually before signing up for the Game Administration Team at around March 2017.


I guess you know the story from there but if you don't; I've been in only a small selection of legal factions since I'm a pretty passive person myself and like making the most of what I get. I may seem strict, I may seem unfair or just completely odd, but it's probably because that's just me. I'm sorry for not giving out free car fixes, sorry for making you roleplay your car being driven into the water because of "lag". Sometimes it's hard to learn that people will do whatever it takes to get what they want, but once you nail their mindset, it's pretty easy to stand up for your statements. I've made a few mistakes here and there but if you call me out on them, I'll come clean and admit it.


As for my personality, it's mostly been covered above but I would consider myself approachable and selfless. I don't see myself being biased or using my emotions to make decisions; even if it means calling you an utter tool. I could be considered passive aggressive on terms that when angered on the rare occasion, I'm very blunt and tend to just step back before the situation gets worse. Although I'm considered nice, I hate saying sorry first.


To finish off, I think I'll cover things which I hate since we're on that topic. I really hate people that manipulate others emotionally to get what they want, it's more damaging for the opposing party than they think. I also hate people that are money orientated, it's nice having money but going out of your moral way to get money is something I despise. I have a few other things I don't like but most importantly, I hate people who cheat on a loyalty term. Whether that's relationships, friendships or whatever else you can think of.


With all that being said, that's just the taster of the person I am, so don't be afraid to talk to me or ask me something.




Senior Administrator


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