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Residential - West Broadway #103

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Los Santos Auction House - Residential


Property Type: Residential
Address: West Broadway #103
Description: Today I am auctioning a lovely house located on West Broadway, Vinewood. The house consists of four stories; the first story consisting of the garage, second story the living area and kitchen, the third story having a mini bar, bedrooms and a bathroom, and the top floor being the master bedroom and bath. The house is extremely spacious, with modern and beautiful styling. Not to mention, the garage has a door which leads below ground, to a beautiful wine cellar, with expensive and tasteful wines in stock. The garage also has a Tesla Supercharger, just in case you want or need to charge your electric vehicle overnight. When you get to the top floor, and you walk through one of the doors, you're greeted to a lovely view of the area, upon entering the rooftop. The house is truly worth more than what the listed price is, and I am looking forward to handing over the keys to the new owner. Happy bidding!


Exterior Images:





Interior Images:


Starting Bid: $100,000
Minimum Increase: $5,000
Buyout: $225,000
Auction ends: 25/09/17
Contact Information: AkilahCashkah@SAMail.com

((No OOC on the auction, please))

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