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SANN | Robbery or deal gone wrong?

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The Los Santos Police Department rings their sirens again as emergency services got a niner call in regards of a dead body laying next to a black van.Isb8yLp.jpg


Los Santos, San Andreas

San Andreas Network News

Liverpool Street, Ganton, Los Santos - At approximately 23:47, Two men were shot by unknown individual(s) in mysterious circumstances till now. The Los Santos Police Department received a call from a citizen who witnessed the dead man laying on the ground, as some units rushed to the scene. Saint Ernest Medical Center was called down after the scene was cleared safe by law enforcement officers. According to one of the scene commander, they were two males who were shot, in which one of them couldn't make it to the hospital, making the paramedics on-scene pronounce him dead.


"I'm not certain. It could've been a robbery or even a deal of some sort gone bad." says Sergeant Highley, scene commander, when he was asked about the possible reason behind this incident.


Till now, neither the victims nor the suspect(s) were identified by the police forces, leaving the people of San Andreas with little to no idea about the dangerous situation that took place about an hour ago. However, our reporters will update this story as more information gets available to the public.


Stay safe, everybody!

About the Author

John Stars is a news reporter and journalist with the San Andreas Network News, with recent employment at San Andreas Network under the new management and a previous news reporter at BBC News.





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