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Record Label - Grove Street, Unit #3

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Los Santos Auction House - Business



Property Type: Business
Address: Record Label - Grove Street, Unit #3
Description: There is a living-room like office one the first floor, with a pool table, two tiger rugs, filing cabinets, and an office computer with a luxurious desk. Upon walking down the stairs, the door on your left leads to a bedroom with a TV set, beanie bag, and a gaming console. The room on the right however, beholds all the necessary equipment. The other side of the glass, consists of the microphone and numerous instruments in the case they are need for acoustic purposes. Further down the hallway, a bathroom equipped with a state-of-the-art toilet, two sinks, and a shower.

Exterior Images:

Interior Images:

Starting Bid: $50,000
Minimum Increase: $2,500
Buyout: $85,000
Auction ends: 4:20 PM, EST - 30/09/2017
Contact Information: Name - Siamak
Number - 331264

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