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2006 Ferrari F430 F1

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Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle


Year: 2006

Make: Ferrari
Model: F430 F1
VIN: 27245
Mileage: 1824

An amazing ferrari that hasn't really been used as it was kept inside.The car has aftermarket coilovers,really good acceleration and smooth handling.Tops at 234-KM/H

((Super GT))





Starting Bid: 60.000
Minimum Increase: 5.000
Buyout 145.000

Auction ends: 21/9/17
Contact Information: Will be given to the winner!

((All comments would be disabled))


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5 minutes ago, OXIGENT said:

Name: JM

Bid: Starting

Leading ((It's a super gt sorry for that))

2 minutes ago, Jordang said:

(( I thought it was a Super GT? ))

((I'm not rl good IRL so sorry for that and comments would be disabled :/))

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