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The Montgomery Organization

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“Every city in the world always has a gang, a street gang, or the so-called outcasts.” - Jimi Hendrix


Drug Lieutenant Sentenced to 30 years
By Charles Pafford
Published: January 21st, 2010





D’Andre Winslow, 29 of Los Santos SA, a lieutenant in a predominate Los Santos based drug organization was sentenced to 30 years for racketeering and murder on Friday. Twenty nine year old Winslow has an arrest record which dates back to the mid-1990’s and consists of everything from failure to pay child support to drug related charges. Winslow’s last stay with the Government was in March 2000 when he pled guilty to drug trafficking charges. 


For more than a decade Winslow was one of many violent members of a drug organization that calls Los Santos home. The organization has been connected to gangland murders, prostitution and home invasions. Winslow has been connected to several gangland shootings in and around South Central Los Santos and has been personally responsible for at least four murders.

As per the saying goes, things are never personal it’s only business. This was the case for the now incarcerated D’Andre Winslow.


The murder which Winslow was convicted was dated in 2008 and the victim was his supposed close friend, William Barclay. The LSPD claim that after a brief altercation at a local Los Santos nightclub, Winslow lured Barclay back to Winslow’s home, where he confronted him about a female which Barclay was seen with the night before. It is unknown what was said, but the end result was the death of Barclay. William Barclay, 30 of Los Santos was found beaten to death near the end of March, 2008.




Vargas -- Infamous
By Paul Benoit
Published: July 1st, 2016


They say being on television adds ten pounds. Armando Vargas, a key figure in Zuquilanda Molinero Organization’s probe into San Andreas and Los Santos, was found murdered last Saturday night. Vargas has been tied to the once powerful Zuquilanda Molinero Organization and was made famous after an investigation into an anonymous recording which was sent to SAN which depicted the torture and murder of nightlife lord and suspected homosexual pornography actor, Louis Arnold.


With his fifteen minutes of fame depleted, Vargas developed relationships and acted as the Zuquilanda Molinero’s emissary to local gangs, hispanic and black alike.  While acting as a diplomat, he’s also acted as an executioner for the same organization. He has been tied to multiple murders in both Mexico and the United States of America.




Late Saturday night the LSPD responded to a 911 call which said that there was a body along the banks of the Los Santos River. Upon their arrival the LSPD deduced that it was a murder and thus their investigation started. It’s been stated that Vargas was found with a single .45 caliber gunshot wound behind his right ear, execution style. Little else has been released and the Los Santos Police Department has been tight lipped on which direction their investigation is headed. Along with the method of murder, they also released that they believe that it’s been associated with ongoing cartel and local drug organization struggles. 


With the fall of the Zuqulanda Molinero’s San Andreas satellite, other organizations have moved in and staked their claim. It is only gangland nature that the old guard be expunged and the new guard moves in.


UPDATED: October 23th, 2016


Since the posting of this article more information has come to light related to the murder of the South Central Los Santos citizen, Armando Vargas. The LSPD released information claiming that a drug organization which Vargas was connected to decided that it was his time. This organization has no ties to any larger Mexican Cartel or their San Andreas satellite drug organizations.  



Prostitution Ring Collapsed
By: Sarah Rowe
Published: September 11th, 2016


Sex sells. 


Last Thursday a large raid was conducted on an apartment building in South Central Los Santos and 15 people were arrested. The sex crimes unit of the Los Santos Police Department claim that an elaborate prostitution ring has been operating throughout the South of Los Santos since early 2008.


Also found at the scene was three kilos of uncut cocaine, $95,602 dollars located in a safe and three firearms -- a M93R Beretta, a chromed Remington 870 and a Smith & Wesson model 60 - .38 special.


The raid was said to be a targeted at several key individuals who were not at the premises at the time, but this action has netted the LSPD several notable arrests, one being the suspected street level lieutenant, Rasheed Bishop, 30 of Los Santos SA. This isn’t Bishop’s first encounter with the sex crimes unit of the Los Santos Police Department, he’s been arrested several times in the past for pimping and pandering charges. Bishop has been tied to a network of underground prostitution ring which uses the guise of an escort service to wander their way around the grey area of the law. This “escort service” has used different services on the internet to garner a reputation and to recruit potential women. They have also been located on what is called the “Dark web”.




Samantha Washington, 19 of Los Santos SA, Lisa Williams, 22 of Los Santos SA, Jessica Martin, 24 of San Fierro SA, Tatianna Jones, 22 of Los Santos SA, Shantelle Jones, 18 of Los Santos SA, Candice Walker, 29 of Las Venturas SA, Krystal Brown, 18 of Los Santos SA, Janice Cribbs, 19 of Los Santos SA, Katina Jones, 27 of Los Santos SA, Karmella Early, 18 of Los Santos SA, Shautaqua Travis, 45 of Los Santos SA, Rasheed Bishop, 30 of Los Santos SA, George Alexander, 22 of Los Santos SA, Lonzie Pullings, 18 of Los Santos SA and Norris Salter, 26 of Los Santos SA are all in the Los Santos Police Department’s custody and are awaiting trial.




“Black Bundy” Goes to Trial.
By: José Diaz
Published: January 3rd 2017


Theodore Howell or as the media has dubbed him, “Black Bundy”, was arrested late last year as a result of a six month investigation into the death of André Luther. Luther, a known member of the predominant drug organization in South Central Los Santos was found deceased in Willowfield with  multiple gunshot wounds. As a result of the following six month investigation into the death of Mr. Luther, the LSPD had concluded that Theodore “Bundy” Howell had orchestrated and executed the death of André Luther.


Information released through witness testimony at the trial indicated that Howell ordered and executed the murder as a result of Luther having assaulted a nameless individual. It was said that Luther had conducted an unauthorized response to ongoing internal strife and that this single action almost sparked a civil war with various internal factions. The witness, a Mr. George Williams, was present at the murder of Luther and has stated that he physically seen Howell pull the trigger which ended his best friends life.




Howell is none too friendly with law enforcement of Los Santos. His arrest record ranges from possession of narcotics to full blown first degree murder. Since the late 1990’s Howell has been suspected to be seated at the number two position to the organization which bares the name of Benedict “Eggs” Montgomery. Howell and Montgomery both have been in the Police lime light, but nothing yet has stuck to either individual. Best friends since childhood,  Montgomery and Howell made a name for themselves in the early to mid-1990’s, having developed a network which spanned the entire city of Los Santos. Sitting at the top of their game till the early 2000’s when an internal faction of the organization sparked a civil war which lasted 5 years and has taken, that we know of, 29 lives. During this time Howell developed his reputation as a killer, thus the media dubbed him the “Black Bundy”, after the late serial killer Ted Bundy who was executed in 1989.


It can only be assumed that the death of André Luther was to squash another internal civil war. As seen by the past civil war, the organization was left weak and their numbers dwindled. If this was to happen again, the organization itself would cease to exist, so to combat this the death of André Luther was set into motion.


The jury is now into deliberations as to the future of Theodore “Bundy” Howell. If convicted Howell can expect to receive the minimum of twenty five years and the maximum, Life in Prison without the possibility of parole. 



“Black Bundy” Goes Home
By: José Diaz
Published: January 10th 2017


After seven days of deliberation the jury was silently led into the courtroom where they previously had spent the last two months listening to evidence, witness testimony and the arguments which all led up to this point. With the slam of his gavel, court was now in session and the verdict of The State of San Andreas v. Theodore Howell was to be read.
As the judge received the piece of paper from his bailiff, he shook his read and spoke to the defendant personally. Stating that regardless of what was on this paper, that Theodore Howell’s name was now known to authorities and the public. The Judge shook his head with a brief look of disgust on his face and spoke aloud to the first juror.


“How does the Jury find the defendant?”


“We the jury find the defendant innocent on all counts.”


A single, unitary sigh echoed through the courtroom. The defense team stood quickly and cheered. Hugs were given and received, the defense’s family took their feet and celebrated as well.

It is unknown to the public as to why the jury opted not to convict Theodore “Bundy” Howell. With all the evidence given to them it was a high probable chance that he would be convicted and would receive life in prison.  


When asked, the District Attorney stated that he was shocked with the response of the jury and said he wouldn’t give up until justice had been served. The defense’s lawyer, Charles Goldstein, said he was happy with the result of the jury and that it was the appropriate response. He continues to state that his client was innocent of all charges and that this was just another attempt by the Los Santos Police Department to convict another innocent black man. 


George Williams, the prosecution's key witness has missing since January 7th, four days after his testimony. The Marshall Service declined to respond. 

Howell was asked about the verdict, he simply stated that it was the right one and that he was innocent of all charges. He was then asked what he plans on doing now that he’s been cleared. Howell responded simply with;


“Me? I plan on going back to school, get a degree or something.”


With Theodore “Bundy” Howell cleared of all wrong doing, did justice actually prevail? Will we ever find out who murdered André Luther? 




Drug Violence in Jefferson
By: Charles Pafford
Published: July 1st 2017


Jefferson has always been a staple in the drug community. Whether it’s the crack epidemic of the 1980’s and the early 1990’s or the heroin epidemic of more recent years, Jefferson has always been at the forefront of the drug scene. With drugs, comes bodies and with bodies comes the Police. While the murder rate of Jefferson has been on a decline in the past few years, the Police still have open cold cases and still continue to find bodies which they deemed related to the drug crime which populations the streets, corners and buildings of Jefferson.


Police officials have stated that the majority of the bodies dropping in Jefferson have been related to a home grown gang which have been supposedly controlling the streets since the early 90’s. They call themselves the Grape Street Jefferson Crips. While in gang culture the Crips are known to use the color blue to represent themselves, the Grape Street Crips use the color purple. 


Like the majority of Crip gangs that control different neighborhoods, the Grape Street Jefferson Crips are no different when it comes to rivalry. Along with the age old enemy, the Bloods or Pirus, the Grape Street Jefferson Crips are also known to have rivalries with other Crip sets that try and move in on their territory. 


Police are unsure as to the particular reason behind the increase of the neighborhoods murder rate, but they have reassured the inhabitants and the City that the murder rate will decrease and that the majority of Police will focus on street rips in an attempt to get the murder rate and general street crime statistics down in the Jefferson area. 




Out of Character

This thread is completely out of character, the information provided was for entertainment purposes only. This thread also acts as our "flag", indicating to those in charge that we are here and productive.

A character kill cause is in effect. You fuck up, we murder you.

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There a vast many people asking what the great word smith, Dark Man X or to the vast public, DMX, once asked us. Where is the hood at? Well, our thread, here, right here, has everything you need to figure out what we do, where we do it and what happens if you don't do it properly.


Want to become prosperous drug dealer? Become an independent Corner representative and we, as the larger parent organization, will send a couple of our many customer service providers to assure that your product, is the best product. 


Choose Montgomery for all your Heroin, Cocaine and Marijuana needs. 

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1 hour ago, Chef said:

Roleplay in Monty? People don't actually think we're based in Montgomery do they lmao....

Gotta agree tho, most people just see the name of the faction and assume it's based in Monty, even I saw the title and assumed so at first.

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1 minute ago, DrJoseEvil said:

Gotta agree tho, most people just see the name of the faction and assume it's based in Monty, even I saw the title and assumed so at first.

All the more reason for people to actually open the thread and feed their minds.


Back to the topic at hand....


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6 hours ago, Chef said:

All the more reason for people to actually open the thread and feed their minds.


Back to the topic at hand....



I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda. :DDDDDDDDDDD


Good screens tho.

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5 hours ago, croozerdog said:

You expect me to read all that? .-. I'm more about the roleplay I have with people. Seems you guys are pretty cool, based on screenshots



2 hours ago, Buzzard said:

Why tf is Gang in MONTGOMERY?? asking for a friend.. (@Stabby))


I still got @Stabby and your characters on the tree from last year.

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