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[SOLD]Residential - Metropolitan Avenue Garage

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Los Santos Auction House - Residential


Property Type: Residential
Address: Metropolitan Avenue
Description: Nice big garage located at Metropolitan Ave, near LSPD HQ. It has a customized wallpaper, renovated. It has a waiting place, paintbooth, and 3 lifts if you wish to run a mechanic services, an LED screen that is disabled, can be easily activated by yourself (( Ask admin to do it )), a cooling storage for your beverages or if you want to keep some for your customers, CCTVs installed at some spots so you don't need to be worried about safety. It also comes with uninstalled alarm system and security keypad, can be easily installed.

Exterior Images:

Interior Images:

Starting Bid: $25,000
Minimum Increase: $2,500
Buyout: $120,000
Auction ends: 23th of the September.
Contact Information: Trace17@saonline.sa (( Forum PM )) if you have any questions.


~Happy Bidding~

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