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Wah Ching

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NOTE: This is a bit late, but unfortunately due to my studies and other things I will not be continuing with this faction personally. There are 2 other members who are still involved, and if you'd like to get in touch with them check for them ingame.


*Chinese American triad society and street gang originated in Los Santos.


Wah Ching (A.K.A. Dub C) is a Chinese American triad society that originated in Los Santos during the early 1960s, exploiting and controlling Asian American communities across the city as one large group of gangsters.


Ranking System:


Blue Lanterns: Uninitiated members of the triad; at the same level as mafia associates and are not fully trusted or associated with the activities in the organisation.


(49) 49ers: Average rank and file member of the triad. They are officially associated with the gang, but still have to earn their place through the means of showing they know what business and loyalty is to the organisation.


(426) Red Pole: The enforcer. These individuals oversee that the initiated and uninitiated members stay in line and are kept in order. They have full authority with the Mountain Master' (Dragon Head) permission to deal with situations involving internal conflicts within the triad however they see fit.


(432) Straw Sandal: These are the equivalent of a liaison officer. They see to initiate members who could be essential to the operations of the triad, and filter out those who are useful from the useless. They answer directly to the Red Pole if there is a situation within the triad concerning newcomers.


(415) White Paper Fan: These members are trusted advisers to the dragon head. They provide financial as well as moral advice to the leader of the triad, and answer directly to the leader when requested.


(438) Deputy Mountain Master: The equivalent to an under-boss. The deputy is the mouthpiece of the dragon head. They make sure everything the initiated members would like to say to the leader goes through them, before they speak to the leader, or are spoken for by the under-boss while keeping all the members in check.


(489) Mountain Master (Dragon Head): The leader and creator of the triad. He oversees all the operations within his gang, and sees that everyone is in line, including his own advisers and under-bosses. He directly communicates with his enforcers, and sees to the advice from his advisers. Disobeying him is not a wise choice.




During the wave of immigration of people coming from foreign countries to the U.S., the Chinese immigrants who were among those foreigners fled political persecution and wanted more in life than to work in an oppressive and dangerous climate of the recently formed Chinese communist government. These Chinese immigrants sought freedom in the land of opportunity in the United States, most of them ending up in the state of San Andreas, coming through illegally by boat, smuggled into the country.




As the years passed, with Los Santos having as much crime as it did, with one of the highest crime rates in the country and one of the highest police officer mortality rates, some of the Chinese decided enough was enough and that the only way to survive would be to band together under one group. This group would be known as Wah Ching or Dub C, a group of Chinese triads who sought to defend themselves and each other and to make a living at the same time.


With time, the gang became notorious for it's trade in drug trafficking, the smuggling of pharmaceuticals, and for running it's very own prostitution rings. They were also thought and proven to be linked to various triad groups back in mainland China, such as the Sun Yee On and the 14k Triads, with mutual agreements in terms of trading illegal goods.




OOC Information:

Use of all the screenshots and information for IC purposes will be considered meta-gaming.


*Will be adding screenshots in thread

Entry: Must meet in-game in-character (Preferably accepting young Asian characters)

Leader: Steven "Uncle" Yeung

This gang is currently involved (and not limited to) in criminal activities such as:


  • Smuggling of illegal goods
  • Drug Dealing
  • Illegal gambling
  • Extortion


Upon joining the Wah Ching triads, you understand and agree that any high ranking member can CK you within their reasons.

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1 hour ago, Guntars said:

good luck, take this far.


5 hours ago, Craazy said:

Finally, a Wah Ching faction on OwlGaming. And it only took 3 years, 8 months, and 14 days.


Good luck, try to take this far.


Appreciate the support, I will definitely try to do so!

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