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NY Times | San Andreas Today: Former Los Santos Deputy Fire Chief's retrial over “wrongfully dropped” felony charges

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     16th of September, 2017


San Andreas Today: Former Los Santos Deputy Fire Chief's retrial over “wrongfully dropped” felony charges.



Superior Court of San Andreas, the location of the trial.


LOS SANTOS – Previously dropped felony charges from almost one year ago have come back to haunt Rebecca Zicardi, former deputy Fire Chief and County Fire Marshall of the Los Santos Fire Department.


The District Attorney’s Office of Los Santos County has accused the now defunct Los Santos County Sherriff’s Department (where Ms. Zicardi was once a detective sergeant) of “wrongfully” dropping felony charges against held against Rebeca Zicardi during last year’s trial. Now, the former deputy Fire Chief of the LSFD finds herself behind the dock again potentially looking at a seven year jail sentence and a $30,000 fine.


The incident both cases revolve around involve Ms. Zicardi allegedly racing a Toyota Supra in her Chevrolet Camaro while being pursued by law enforcement. According to the evidence presented to the court, Ms. Zicardi allegedly managed to successfully evade capture by law enforcement and proceeded to park her vehicle in the parking lot behind the Los Santos Fire Department which led to its seizure.



Los Santos Fire Department parking lot, where Ms. Zicardi allegedly parked the Camaro


Steven Spade (Los Santos County’s District Attorney) told the accused that “the evidence against [her] is staggering” while responding to a denied plea bargain prior to the case’s beginning that was fielded to the court as evidence. The court currently awaits her plea to the charges.


The Los Santos Fire Department has filled the gap within their department with the appointment of Urshankov Ramerov as Deputy Fire Chief.


San Andreas Today is a new feature covering goings on in San Andreas. Tell us what you want to see covered: SAtoday@nytimes.com (( @Mail )).


The San Andreas Today columnist, Jessica Law, is a New York native. She currently resides in Los Santos, San Andreas.







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