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I was in a bidding war over a car for like... a week. I camped the clock for hours. When the final moment arrived, someone places a bid and the Auction closes without me being able to even counter bid.

I believe if this should happen, the auction should be extended an extra hour to allow a person to counter bid.

Example where this happened:

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1 hour ago, Law said:

Clearly you haven't ever used Ebay before.

It's legit auction tactics, a way to overcome this is by bidding something much higher than the next valid bid to increase your chances.

Pretty sure on ebay you can type a max amount that you want to bid so it will rebid for you if someone else does bid. Or I am thinking of a different site.

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if you wanna work around this, just host your auction out of the auction house. i'm pretty sure that there are no rules against that, but the auction just won't be governed by regular auction rules (besides the ooc ones that protect against scamming etc.). what i mean by this, is that you use an ic blog or whatever - not sure if it's allowed, but it'll give you far more freedom

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3 hours ago, RayPayne said:

Pretty sure on ebay you can type a max amount that you want to bid so it will rebid for you if someone else does bid. Or I am thinking of a different site.

This is a thing on Ebay yes. You could simulate this possibly by PMing the Auction owner? But then they might try to extort you and say "Just bid that much outright lmao poor faggot" since I know 90% of the community are toxic like that.

Maybe a new rule should be added, along with some forum changes:

  1. Buyers may place a "Max Bid" with a specified value. This can be done as follows:
    • Create a reply, format it as a bid, but instead of bid, put "Max Bid: $X Amount"
    • Hide that reply. Forum Admins and the OP of the thread should be able to see hidden posts. OP should not have access to deleting posts in the thread though. 
    • The Max Bid will be considered as an automatic bid to put you in the lead following minimum bid requirements, up to, but not surpassing, the amount you've specified.
  2. When the auction ends, all max bid posts can be unhidden for clarity and to ensure no foul play is in hand - forum admins can also help moderate this as they already do anyways.
  3. Whoever has the highest max bid wins basically then, although only to the amount that would put them as winning - just as said above, unless the actual bid has surpassed all the max bids. 

It's basically exactly how it would work on Ebay then (http://smallbusiness.chron.com/max-bids-work-ebay-58573.html).


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