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[BUYING] Modern SUV.

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I'm in the market for a Modern SUV that has a good top speed of around 200-220KM/H as I need it for the line of work I am in! I've got a rather large budget for the right vehicle. Must be very well looked after and not abused while the owners used it off-road.




Any Mercedes-Benz.

Any Ford's.

Any GMC's.

Any Toyota's.


If you have something else that's similar or that could be used for a personal cruiser please let me know.

Budget: $150,000


Contact me via Email: KNikolaev@SAMail.com

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I had one. But some new guy to the city slammed into my front after I drove out in front of him. Busted my fender, suspension, droplinks and everything. She was a real beauty...

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