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Seeking Clarification on Weapon Bind Rules

I want to...:





"Binds to draw or holster one handed weapons are allowed as they naturally have a faster draw time. Two handed weapons such as assault rifles, rifles, shotguns, etc. require a manually typed out /me to draw the weapon, unless it is easily accessible due to predetermined RP (gun racks, gun slings, gun on lap, etc)."

I particularity wanted to seek UAT approval on Police Officers application of this rule. Officers, who typicality (in the Unites States & Large Metro Departments) have a "rack" system in the cabin some place for either an AR-style rifle or a shotgun, should by my interpretation, be able to use a descriptive weapon-bind to retrieve said weapon from their cabin rack without being accused of Power-gaming. These kind of racks are "Standard-Issue" in police cars around North America (for at least the shotgun). If a UAT could review this and give a verdict that would be great, as I have been hearing various things from admins about this and even some players who have complained IG.

Here are a few links to real-life examples:




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I discussed this with an admin and they completely fought me on American cops having racks like this.


I have been apart of my local police department since I was 14 years old. I'm 21 in November. I've worked as a Police Dispatcher for half a year. I've rode in police cars. Every cop car I have ever been in has racks in it. 


Even when I did my ride along, the FTO I was riding with turned to me, pointed at his AR-15 and said "If shit goes down, hammer it back and pull the trigger."


This was shocking to me but completely legit. It wasn't even locked in the rack and I could easily pull it out and shoot it. But he kept his doors locked when he left the vehicle, which is something that needs to be RP'ed here.


Honestly, I approve of this for PD as it's realistically in bounds. 

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