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MT Update - Exterior/Interior Policies - Mid September, 2017

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Mapping Team Update 




Upon being appointed as the new leader of the Map Management Team, I want to point out the policies that we have been working on in order to keep unrealistic mapping to a minimum. To start off with my area of expertise, exterior mapping will become very limited from now on, therefore I want to provide the community with a list of exterior-related policies, so take a brief look over this list prior to submitting a request to ensure its eligibility. 

Exterior Mapping Policy:

From this list, we felt like certain regulations had to be highlighted and displayed here for the community to see:



  • The mapping is made to regain access to an area currently unavailable, but should be, or, improves quality of life
    • This does not include personal security*
      • *Personal Mapping for personal security (fencing off a house, etc), will not be allowed. Period. 
    • Farms out in the county are allowed to have fencing mapped as long at it remains realistic, uses minimal amounts of objects, and is good quality mapping, as most farms realistically have some sort of fencing to protect crops
      • Fencing must not extend outside of property lines, suspect to MT judgement on land owned based on interior values. 
      • We will not accept large steel fencing or similar, no matter the case.
  • The mapping cannot be completed with generics, or is intended to be completely permanent
    • Please note that this does not mean, nor give you the right, to go ballistic with generics to perform mapping, nor are you intended to use generics instead to complete exterior mapping. If something should clearly be mapping but is done with generics, an admin or MT member has the right to delete your generic.



Given that we have received many complaints about them from people who have been denied on multiple occasions, we are happy to announce the 2017 Owl Gaming Exterior Mapping Purge meaning that every implemented map that does not fit in the criteria mentioned above will be disabled and further on, premises fenced around with generics will also disappear. We are aware that this will raise even more complaints, but this is how it is going to be from now and whether whether it is welcomed or not we will not allow players to turn their properties into federal prisons. 


Interior Policy


With the influx of unrealistic interiors that have flooded the server recently, we want to share the current policy that we have on interiors. Apart from that, myself and the other members of the Mapping Team will start working on more default custom interiors for players to pick from the library when making a request, in order to fit the current buildings better and improve the roleplay experience further on.

Interior Naming/Adress Policy

From now on, we will do our best to add complete addresses for every interior in the County, thanks to @MindScape00's script which will be implemented soon.


Further information here:



Gate Policy

Thank you for taking the time to read through the update, and from now on please make sure your request fits in with the given criteria for each of the displayed types in order to save time for both parties.



Owl Gaming Mapping Team
Mapping Team Leadership

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