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(( This is based off of the real feature that The New York Times creates in real life , "California Today". ))




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Nov. 14, 2017

From the boardroom to the courtroom, JGC executive's trouble        

No Los Santos business quite fits the bill of “household name” more so than the Jacob Goldsmith Corporation. Former County Commissioner Jacob Goldsmith’s business empire... (click here for full article)


Oct. 26, 2017

County Commissioner boycotts SAN after museum opening controversy         

Ever since taking the spot of County Commissioner last year, Thomas Mengele has had a complicated relationship with the largest of San Andreas's local media firms, SAN... (click here for full article)


Oct. 18, 2017

Thursday Night, at the Museum         

Standing proudly in the first hall of the Los Santos County Government's latest and perhaps greatest (or rather, grandest) project... (click here for full article)


Oct. 15, 2017

BoTS employees protest outside County Hall. "They will pay" warns County Commissioner. UPDATE: Scott Bishop arrested during interview.          

 What does a convoy of Los Santos's Bureau of Traffic Services tow-trucks indicate? No, not a pile-up or an emergency... (click here for full article)


Oct. 14, 2017

Five figure bonuses for Bureau of Traffic Services employees. County Commissioner comments on the scandal.          

 Typically, bonuses of $50,000 are reserved to the corporate suits of Wall Street, senior-aides of New York... (click here for full article)


Oct. 5, 2017

Los Santos's Emergency Bus. Ambitious plans set out for SAPT.               

 Are the current public transport options in Los Santos good enough? Tim Cassidy, Commissioner of Public Transport... (click here for full article)


Sept. 16, 2017

Former Los Santos Deputy Fire Chief's retrial over “wrongfully dropped” felony charges.                            

Previously dropped felony charges from almost one year ago have come back to haunt Rebecca Zicardi, former deputy... (click here for full article)













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