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Mia and Toby

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She rested an arm outside the door while listening to some mellow music in the car.

"Hey there stranger danger," she said to the man jaywalking across the boulevard to her. 

"Stranger danger? You seem like the dangerous one here and I barely know you," he replied.

She shined a brilliant smile, twisted in her seat and leaned out; holding her right-hand out for a handshake. "Mia," she introduced herself as. He chuckled and took her hand, shook it and grinned. At which point she tilted her head, still with that unique type of a brilliant smile, combined with a more so cute facial complexion that left most men exasperated. "I'm Toby, and I'm standing on the middle of the road. If you mind. I feel like a hooker." Moments later they drove off. 


Mia turned the volume down somewhat to allow for conversation while Toby suggested they go for ice cream. "Uh-huh, that doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, where at?" She concurred. "Pier's got a nice place. Damn it's been a long time since I've had ice cream there." He said, "oh nice, haven't been there all that much," she concluded. 

"So how's work going? Keeping busy?" He asked while Mia drove them down to the Pier. 
"Oh yeah, it's not as bad as working an internship. But it's a lot, heh." 
"Internships suck."
Mia giggled and pointed at the central console. Insinuating about the music.
"I think they're Danish, haha. Hope you don't mind. I like it-- and yeah."
"It's not bad. I'm not really a fan of pop music and stuff like that, so. I prefer this."
"Yeah, they look great. I saw this clip of them playing live in NYC. Amazing."
"It's like.. I dunno. Never really heard music like this before I guess."

"Here it is." 


They bought ice-cream, they walked along the pier, Toby hummed and ate cautiously as to not make a mess of his beard; Mia ate too, while she looked at the sun that had start to set at the horizon. The seagulls make their presence known too. The wind had a light scent of the ocean. 

"Not bad, right?" 

"It's actually pretty cozy," Mia admits. 

Mia prepped a spoon full and held it out at Toby. He ate it and she gave him another brilliant smile. 

"Mhh. Yeah it's actually good. Never tried that before."

"Right? It's pretty good." 
"Mine's pretty boring in comparison."
"What'd you get again?"
"Caramel and Vanilla."

They sat down together on the steps facing the southern horizon. He lowers himself next to her, not seeming too shy, sitting quite close. They ended up talking about what they do for a living. Toby was a personal trainer who had worked for a media outlet. Mia spoke about her surgical residency and the AMRAP she did last night. 

"I dislike it personally," Toby commented about AMRAP's in general. 
"What'd you prefer?"
"I mean.. For females it could be good because they don't  do like.. ego lifts as much, if you get what I mean."
"Powerlifts, haha."
"People sacrificing form for repetitions and all that. Ego lifts. Like.. Lifting heavy to show off."

Mia flexed her biceps at Toby and grimaced in an overconfident fashion.


Toby grinned and burst into a chuckle. "Cute."
Mia tapped her abdomen and continued the comical rant. 


Mia tapped her thighs.

"And wheels of steel."

Toby reached out for her abdomen and poked his finger at her. "Oh I like that." Mia lauged out aloud, a ticklish reaction. They continued to talk about and ended up on the subject of music. She put on a song Toby had recommended on her phone. At which point he shuffled a little closer, sitting against her and they looked at the screen together. 

"I'unno. I listened to that song a lot. Especially when I was a little younger."
"This is definitely something I'd have listened to when I was 15-- I was just gonna say that!"
"Haha! You're making fun of me. Stop it."
"Totally am not, how old are you though, you definitely look like 28 or so."
"Oh thanks! I'm thirty one, though."
"Couldn't tell, must be the blonde dye, fab as fuck."
"Hah, thanks."
"look very young though, heh, I usually have to show my ID when I buy alcohol, haha."

"You do look young."

Toby flashed a smile at Mia. She loved the way he smiled. 

"Yeah. You're good at this." He said. 
"A lil' bit. You getting cold? It's a bit chilly."
"It is. I'm not cold, though. Are you?"
"A lil' bit. I get cold. "

Toby moved his arm around her and pulled her against his side.

"If I had to rate our first date I'd rate it comfy."

He chuckled and Mia rest her head against his chest.

"I dunno. I mean, you posted Simon Cowell on my Linkbook wall." She laughed and fell in love.

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