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Thoughts About Kids and Adults Around the Server

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So it's been awhile since I've been around Owl Gaming RP and other RP servers and what I noticed on top of anything else about these servers is that I do hear/see some complains that the server's fucked up or the server's going down or like the server's been a mess ever since the moment "kids" started to join RP servers.
I'm not trying to be an "advocate" or something for kid or adult players, no. lol.
But I really think there's something between the perspectives of the young ones and adults. 
I mean, there's always that someone who complains because the opposite party's RP is so unrealistic or childish and speculates that he/she is probably a "fuckin child", judging someone on his/her RP. 
I do experience some situations like that and uh, just get over. But somehow and sometimes, I  try to go with the flow of this "child's" RP, checking out what's on his mind and imagination on the RP based on his mind.

I read a book  about this novel called "The Little Prince", originally wrote in France, "Le Petit Prince" if I'm not mistaken. I liked the booked and saw a movie about it that's more likely a cartoon animation. It's a good story with alot of golden lessons to be learned and there's one thing there that shows something about the relationship between adults and children, and I thought maybe, I can share it here too.

"What is interesting about the presentation of adults and children in this excellent story is the way that being an adult is described as a state of mind, and some adults are able to retain their childish perspective and are still open to the forces of imagination and creativity that the majority of adults are not aware of. 

The narrator here describes as to whether the adult is really an adult and dull and unimaginative, or whether he has retained some of his childlike ability to look with the eyes of imagination. The difference between being an adult and a child is not therefore based on age, but it is based on whether somebody possesses the faculty of imagination or not."

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I'm not sure if I posted this on the right section though, since this is kindda Off-topic, but somehow related about issues Ingame.. So...
But uh, if ever this is in the wrong section, I'll have to agree on transferring this, then. :)

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