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[Application] - Dragan Milosevic [ACCEPTED]

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Applicant Information:


Legal name: Dragan Milosevic

Preferred name: Dragan

Residential Address (Permanent/Temporary):  Ceaser Street #8

Place of Birth: Serbia 

Contact details:




Educational Qualifications:


High School name: St.Sava Orthodox school
Obtained degree: Highschool Diploma


University/College name: University of Belgrade

Obtained degree: Bachelor in Drama/Art

Major/Area of study: Serbia , Belgrade



  • If you haven’t obtained any education and/or a degree, please state the status of your educational qualifications and how well versed you are: 




Work Experience:


Company/Employer name: Belgrade 24/7 TV

Job/position title: News reporter

Start of employment - End of employment: 11/10/2014 - 23/05/2017

Are you still employed by the company?: No.

City/State of employer: Belgrade


  • If any, are you able to list any contact details that the employer might have?: No.
  • If so, are we able to contact the employer?: N/A



Reason for leaving: Had to move to United States , because of financial crisis.





Job position desired: News reporter.

Type of employment desired (internship, full-time, part-time): Part-Time

Please include any additional notes you might want to here:  N/A






By submitting this application, I [your name], agree and abide by the terms and policies of San Andreas Network and acknowledge that my application may or may not be denied by San Andreas Network. I hereby authorize San Andreas Network to perform a background check that may include any investigations or inquiries of my personal, criminal, educational, health or any other relative matters necessary to conclude on an employment decision. I agree that all of the information submitted is valid and including false information in the submitted application may result in immediate denial or report to local authorities.   

If I am employed, I agree if given any false information given in my application, interview or while I am employed may result in immediate termination, blacklist or denial.


Signed, __D.M___

Date: 09/12/2017

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Human Resources

San Andreas Network

 SAN Headquarters, Metropolitan Avenue

Commerce, Los Santos, San Andreas






To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Subject: Application


Dear Dragan Milosevic,


After briefly going over your application, I have come to the conclusion that you seem most qualified for this position. I'd like to invite you to an interview with me or one of the other executive staff at the SAN offices on Metropolitan Avenue. Should you be interested in attending, contact our hotline (7332). If you do call, notify our secretary (the one who'll pick up) that you'd like to schedule your interview. If no one's available or there's no call back within a reasonable amount of time you're more than welcome to contact me via email ((Forum PM)) and schedule your interview that way. You should also be mindful that proper attire when entering SAN premises for your interview is preferred. Thank you once more for taking the time to send us your application and your interest in our Network, we at SAN look forward to meeting you and wish you luck in your career search.



Best regards,


Victoria Wolforth

Chief Human Resource Officer


(( @Santos ))


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