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Character Kill Appeal - Carl Angelo

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Character Kill Appeal


In Game Account Name-


Character Name-

Carl Angelo

Date of Incident-


Supervising Administrator-



I was visiting the bots website while suddenly heard a bike coming over and went to check whats going on and saw someone putting a shotgun right at my face so i told its ok but lets start from the first cause i was afk then he just continued IC'ly and told him to wait a sec and moved back to repeat this again and boom shot me in my face and died then admin Marko came over and revived me and i tried to explain to him what happened and told him give me a min to explain and just got CK'ED and tried to pm him he just ignored me like nothing happened and btw i was going to give everything to the criminal but just wanted to start this over but both of them couldn't give me enough time to explain or even rp.



notice please the chat really well.

Method of Death-

shot by a weapon

Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?-



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Hey, I was the party involved against you. Yesterday night you pulled out a suppressed firearm on us at Pizza Stacks, after this we decided to track you down and attempt to take it off of you. We found you and rammed you off of your bike, in which you had a status above your head saying "/status AFK". Which, isn't correct at all. You got punished and that scene got voided.


We found you again, in which we followed you. We surrounded you, as Wolfhart Jager(Shanks) pulled out a shotgun and aimed at you as myself, Ruben Sawyer and Carmelo Peterson(Swanker) took the NPC's who was running the dealership as hostage. You continued to stay in OOC as we continued ICly, telling you to get off of the bike, in which you compiled. You then decided to ignore our commands for putting your hands up, you kept stating wait in /b.


You then decided to jump onto the bike, in which you was met by a shotgun round as we stayed IC the whole time. This is a form of disregard and why we pushed for CK and looted your person. 


Footage of the shooting:



Regards xx  xcx x

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Look at the chat told you ((wait)) not ((voiding this)) I was going to roleplay but was going to move the bike back to its position and u just shot me and in this moment you didn't even look at the chat even tho if I was going to void this I would got punished again.

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Just want to highlight something at the first line.
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((You then decided to jump onto the bike))


I was already on my bike and told you wait OOC'LY which mean I couldn't have run away or do any shit. 

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You didn't give yourself even one sec to see what will happen and just shot me then admin Wright came and revived me and in this time tried to explain to him or tell him to do this again but u just started searching RP and he answered u and am like just standing there and both of u are ignoring what am trying to say and boom a great Ck without listening to what am trying to say.


I bet no one of you wouldn't agree on this if it happened to you like just checking something out of the game and when I came back saw you right next to me aiming a shotgun and if I was in the game I would just saw you and try to escape or pull out my gun and try to defend my self but I was just on bike doing nothing and u just came .

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@JJE, we approached you by 3 of us armed and masked from several different angles. You were instructed to get out off of the bike, with your hands up by Wolfhart Jager. You was there ICly, you instantly jumped into OOC saying you was AFK, wasn't here. Then you F10/Log off, you was there so we continued. We asked several commands of you ICly, in which we took the whole situation IC, unlike yourself.


You jumped onto a bike, while being a gunpoint so you was shot. That is disregard, if you followed the commands we asked, you'd of been robbed of your possessions. Not your life. 

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Been reading through the CK appeal and I can only agree with the logs. The robbers are staying IC, which you should have done aswell. You being AFK is not their issue and neither mine, seeing we got a nice option called F10 > Change character for that.


Consider your CK appeal denied, the CK was performed properly and you disregarded it by not following their actions IC.

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