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VT Update - September 2017

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VT Update - September 11th, 2017




Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has shown interest in joining the Vehicle Team. However, to those people who haven't managed to join the team this round we would like to encourage you to try again soon as member applications are now always open. Below are going to be the recent changes within the team and the newest additions.


VT Arrivals:

Alfredas - Promoted to Trial Member

RCFIZPRO - Promoted to Trial Member


VT Promotions:

RileyBaxter - Promoted to Supervisor

Cryotich - Promoted to Trial Supervisor

EKWorks - Promoted to Member


VT Extended Trials:



VT Demotions:



VT Departures:

Andreas - Resigned


Congratulations to all of the people who have been promoted and have joined the Vehicle Team, we wish you the best and your permissions in-game and forums will set shortly. Also, I would like to say that member applications will now always remain open until all of our member positions are filled. So feel free to apply in the near future!



Secondly, the updated list of the dealerships and their owners.


Dealership changes:

LS Occasions dealership type changed from Junker to General


The list of active dealerships are the following:
Mercedes-Benz of San Andreas (Brand) - JameZ
Robert's Exclusive Cars (Exotic) - Gazzeh
Dinoco (General) - Mogs, Unitt & Chillz
JGC Aviation (Aircraft & Seacraft) - anumaz
SL Automotive (General) - Kazang

LS Occasions (General) - Jelle & Franco

Liberty Cars (Import) - Benjey & Renegade

Rennsport Motorcars (Exotic) - Swanker & Law

Nostalgia Imports (Import) - RileyBaxter & DxRK

A1 Automotive (Junker) - Alfredas


We would also like to announce that dealerships applications are now open but specifically for one (1) Junker type dealership. Any other dealership applications will be instantly denied for obvious reasons; we always tend to get one though because people don't like reading the small print.


Application Link: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/42-dmv-dealer-application-form-ic/


The new dealership will be decided on and applications will close to be decided on Saturday 16th of September, 2017 at 6:00pm Server time. Another announcement won't be made for that sole reason as its not really plausable; the accepted dealership will be DM'd by VT Leadership.



Thirdly, we would also like to announce we are working to change some in-game stuff which should benefit players and the lore of the server.

We have taken several forms of feedback and will be working to change up and improve the vehicle legalities; especially regarding grip limits. We're also working to have assigned VT to regularly update and restock the NPC dealerships over time. Some players may have noticed that a varied amount have already been put into Jefferson and Ocean Docks NPC dealerships. Also filtering out the overly expensive vehicles they contained which were quite wrongly added. Lastly, we'll be trying to work with the Faction Team in proposing some activity within ICE of FTF to seize the illegal grey market import vehicles you may have seen driving around. Due to human error obviously some grey market imported vehicles do sneak through, but with @bartman's new Faction Team leadership; division factions such as ICE will hopefully be more active to seize and scrap any illegal imports. Most of the future updates will be consolidated in the next update; hopefully.


Kind regards,

Vehicle Team.

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