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LSIA license Application - Hamish MacTulloch

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LSIA Flight School - License Application

Contact information
Full name: Hamish MacTulloch
Gender: Male
Suffix: [X] Mr [ ] Mrs [ ] Ms
Age, date of birth: 28 02/06/1989
Phone: 503335
Address: #5 Main Street, Palomino Creek

Background information
Any criminal record (if yes, list what)?: _

Reference: Los Santos Fire Department

Set an X in the fields of the licenses you are applying for.
[ X ] SER
[ ] ROT
[ X ] MER
[ ] TER
[ ] CPL

List the typerating(s) you are applying for.

Reason for applying (at least 100 words): I already have my Rotary and ARC, require my MER for usage of the Fire Departments tanker. 

Any remark(s)?:

By filing this application, I agree to always abide by the current laws and instructions of aviation, as given by authorities and LSIA. I understand that my license may get revoked if abused. I understand and agree to that LSIA may access my background information from instances such as the police and medical institutions. I confirm that all information in my application are correct, and that providing false or misleading information is punishable by law.

Signature: H.MacTulloch
Timezone: GMT +0

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Dear Mr. MacTulloch,   @EvilScotsman

The Los Santos International Airport have received and processed your Flight School Application, and we'd to inform you that we decided to place your application on PENDING.
This does not mean that your application has been denied, it's just been placed on-hold until further notice.

Reasons listed as follows:

  • Lack of staff


Kind regards,

Human Resources Officer,


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I'm going to be moving this to accepted, to be done when we can.


MER is a more specialist license and will require a certain member of staff.


Also I'm going to be placing Police Department applications and applications for the more general FD helicopters and such before this one as they are the immediate concern.


I'll be putting a member of staff in contact with you when it is time to arrange the training.

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