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[SOLD][RARE] 2001 BMW Z3M Coupe

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Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle


Year: 2001

Make: BMW
Model: Z3M Coupe
VIN: -
Mileage: x

This Z3M Coupe was imported around 7 months ago and it was kept in good hands. It hasn't been driven a lot and it was stored in a good garage. The Z3M's came with three types of engines, the S50/S52 from the e36 M3 or with the S54 from the e46 M3. This one has the S54 because it was made in 2001, as the s54 was only put in 2001-2002 models. The vehicle comes with some nice Apex EC-7 wheels and some decent tires. It's a really fun car and I hope that the new owner will enjoy it.






Starting Bid: $35,000
Minimum Increase: $2,000
Buyout $50,000

Auction ends: 10.9.2017 - 3 pm
Contact Information: Anna@whiz.sa ((@ForumPM))


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