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[SOLD] 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

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Starting Bid: $30,000

Minimum Increase: $2,000

Buyout: $60,000

Ending Date: 12.9.2017, at 8PM (( Server time ))

Description: Old classic car, kept in great condition. There have been modifications made to it's suspension, handles and drives like a dream.



Contact: MaddyS@gmail.com (( Forum PM @Squirdo ))

(( No OOC on this thread, thanks ))

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3 minutes ago, Nese said:

Name: Lil'

Comment: Lowering a classic car should be punished by death.

Name: Auctioneer

Comment: Feel free to compare it to another older Charger R/T, there's no difference in it's height, really.

2 minutes ago, originals said:

Name: Private

Bid: Starting

Your bid has been noted.

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