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Character Kill Appeal - Garrett Lamar

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Character Kill Appeal


In Game Account Name-


Character Name-

Garrett Lamar

Date of Incident-


Supervising Administrator-

Alberto Szuke Fernando


This lady offered me a drug dealer job i said okay,i told her i had to drop the truck she said don't worry just park it there so she and her friend tried to rob me,she said we could make a deal she'll uncuff me if i give her the money,she didn't even rp the robbery well,i'm cuffed,you are robbing me,everything is Auto S,i can't so why would you still make a deal(that's an ooc issue uncuff and i'll pay you the money).i refused then they shot me.



Method of Death-

Shot on the head.

Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?-



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I pasted the logs in evidence instead of uploading to pastebin
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You clearly disregarded your life by telling the woman to kill you instead of handing all of your items over to her. She had a gun aimed at your head and you told her you would rather die than give her all of your items. 

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After reading the logs, I can see that you said you would rather die than hand them your items despite them having a gun to your head. There is no other way out of the situation, you either comply or die. You chose to die. The death was straight forward and I see no reason to reverse it at the moment.





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