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(CLOSED) Residential - 3, Mayor Steet, Dillimore.

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Los Santos Auction House - Residential


Property Type: Residential
Address: 3, Mayor Steet, Dillimore.
Description: Lovely house in the heart of Dillimore. this place is very hard to get a property within and is worth every dollar, the place is beautiful decorated as well as beautiful architecture work with the renovation of the house, very spacious with two bedrooms, open kitchen and living area, nice walk in shower and toilet area.



(( IC & OOC comments disabled. ))

Exterior Images:

Interior Images:

Starting Bid: 100,000
Minimum Increase: 5000
Buyout: 190,000
Auction ends: 10.9.
Contact Information: Will be given to winner

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(( Auction paused pending MT investigation of unfitting interior @JohnM. Tagging owner and bidders: @Hessu95 @Kelvin. I recommend not doing any kind of transaction related to this house in game because the interior might be disabled.))

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