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Adoptable Children - Vickie Morris

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Adoptable Children

Vickie Morris


11 Years Old






Tell us a bit about yourself: ''Uhmm I like animals and riding my bike..  and my favorite colors purple.. no red!"


What's your favorite topic in school?: "Math"


How long have you been in San Andreas?: "Since... well I think I was born here.. its been a long long time. "


What do you want to be when you grow up?: " I kinda want to be a police officer, I like the sirens and chases!"


What are some things on your 'bucket list' you want to do before you die?: "Umm.. Let see... I want to goto a theme park someday, Oh and I really want to go, go karting!"


Representative: Steven Woods




Apply to be a foster parent Here. Once your application is filed, you may state your interest in this child by -replying to this thread- using the following format:



Link to Foster Parent Application:
Why are you interested in this child:

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Name(s): Kazimir Nikolaev

Link to Foster Parent Application: 

Why are you interested in this child: I'm very interested in Vickie Morris as I've personally met her with CPS Agent Steven Woods and we clicked instantly we really got on and I enjoyed being in her company, we got her a new bike since her old one was lost. I feel I'd be able to guide Vickie in the right directions in life with the disciplined life style I live, she really likes Animals and I own a massive farm with multiple different types of animals. I've also already taken her in a Police Cruiser and I feel I'll be able to guide her in that direction as I'm a Police Officer myself. 

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Name(s): Callaghan Kensington

Link to Foster Parent Application: 

Why are you interested in this child: Well, I'm a cadet within the police department myself. So I might help her in getting her dream job. Also, I live in the outskirts of Los Santos. A peaceful environment and atmosphere.  I'm able to take her Karting as many times as she wishes. I'd like to meet her, to see if we have a type of connection! 

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