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100 Gamecoin Giveaway [ENDED]

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Hey i'm a random scrub wanting to give out some gc's for da lulz, drop ya ingame name in da comments with some sick dad joke so i can have fun, okay bye bye.


Details : will announce the winner on the 1st of September.
the winner will be chosen via a random name generator.

I will provide a list of names so people can check they are in there.
and at last i'll give the screenshot of the winner's name and me giving him the GC's.


You can enter untill 31st of August.

might have some grammar mistakes, who knows lulz.

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How do you make a rave in Africa? Glue a piece of bread to the ceilling. Why can't you make one? because there's no bread, or a ceilling.

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what do you call a mexican that lost his car? carlos. 

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