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Temperarory Withdraw from the Community

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Greetings Owl Gaming Community,


At this time I will be announcing my withdraw from the Owl Gaming Community as a whole. I realize that there are a number of people that appear to personally be against what I do with my streaming and continue to find new and better content to stream to my own community to help provide with a great experience to everyone. The only reason I began streaming was to provide people with great content to be able to watch and enjoy. With that, I personally don't find it enjoyable here anymore with a number of recent actions that have happened by a number of people within the community. I will always grow to support the Community as a whole and Chaos should he ever require the help. It has been my great pleasure to stream content for the Owl Gaming Community as I am glad you all have enjoyed it so far. I now move on to find other opportunities and another community to call home. Perhaps not within GTA:SA itself but more within FiveM. Thank you all for your support and donations that you have sent to me and I hope you all continue to strive to make your roleplay experience better and to create a great story for your characters.



Chieftain Viking


My Discord    My Stream

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Departures are removed.


PM your friends, no need to announce it to everyone including the people who don't watch your streams.

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