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Welcome to the club's section for hosting other giveaway topics!


Do NOT post topics that are asking for gamecoins; you are required to comment on other people's topics to enter.


Do NOT scam in this club; if you fail to deliver what you're giving away, you will not be welcome to enter this section of the club.


Do NOT post more than one comment on topics you're entering unless ruled otherwise by the topic host.


Do NOT mix IC and OOC in this section; for example hosting a gamecoin giveaway which requires entries to like an in-character FindBook page or similar actions.


Do NOT post content which would be considered inappropriate, graphic or insulting to other individuals.


Do NOT post content which advertises external sites not related to the giveaway; for example gathering friend refers for your website.


Do NOT enter with a second entry on your behalf; for example making a second forum accout or asking a friend to enter for you.



With each topic successfully closed, it would be preferred if the topic host added an image as proof of payment and clearly stated the topic is closed to be locked.


With each topic successfully closed, it would be preferred if the winner and enteries thanked their host for the opportunity.


Be creative with giveaway methods but please do not link harmful or external, promoting websites or files.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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