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[REQ] S&S Motorsports Logo

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So I was wondering if we can get a logo made, fairly simple for extreme Photoshop users, so here's a description (EVERYTHING IN WHITE, LITERALLY) so one round circle, and at the very bottom, curved of course, I want Motorsports, then on top of that I want S&S filling the remaining of the space.


*(If you got any other ideas on what logo to make "S&S Motorsports" look nice, feel free to make em and I'll just decide - just note there is NO REWARD this is just requested by the kindness of attempting to help create roleplay)

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Got bored, so I went and did this, dunno if it's any good.. Like I just went and did some random shite. (btw it's late for meh so i can tell there's a few imperfections)




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