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GAT Update - June 7th, 2017

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GAT Update - June 7th, 2017




We would love to welcome and announce our new GAT Members who have recently applied and reinstated back into the team. We've recently recruited a large amount of players into the team and this is a positive step forward to more activity from the team. However, this now means we are closing the applications for some time, or unless we feel we must open it again. For those who didn't make it into the team when applying, please apply next time around. We wish you the best of luck.



  • BeyondSalvation - Promoted to Trial Administrator
  • Hurley - Promoted to Trial Administrator
  • JustJasper010 - Promoted to Trial Administrator
  • Rauf123 - Promoted to Trial Administrator
  • TheWilliams - Promoted to Trial Administrator
  • Heaton - Promoted to Administrator
  • Law - Promoted to Administrator
  • Weelawn - Promoted to Adminstrator



  • Bartman - Reinstated as Trial Administrator
  • Belgica - Reinstated as Administrator
  • Einschtein - Reinstated as Administrator
  • LiveLethal - Reinstated as Administrator



  • Color(Resigned)
  • Chapple(Resigned)
  • Express(Resigned)
  • Resident(Resigned)
  • Jonthulhu(Resigned)


I would like to personally thank the people who have applied and put effort into helping the community grow. We aim to keep our standards higher than ever and by increasing our GAT we aim to improve quality as well as efficiency. Just to clarify, the GAT Applications have been closed, anyone who is still pending an interview will be processed accordingly. 


OwlGaming Community,

OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.

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17 minutes ago, TutsMeister said:

Grats to everyone!



@JustJasper010 for HA


Thank you <3


12 minutes ago, DylanW said:

@Hurley My nigga got Fagwin.

@JustJasper010 Congrats fool.

@Livelethal Welcome back good sir.



Weirdo, much love <3

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