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Streets of Rage - Virtual Market Guide

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With the fairly new Streets of Rage update and it's subsequent overhaul V2, I thought I would take some time to write a comprehensive primer of what is required of you. This system revamp is focused around hourly time spent in the game. As such you are rewarded for time you spend IG applying effort. And even more so, if you involve other players in your illicit activities.


Below is a complete step-by-step analysis of what it takes to run a Drug Operation using this new system


Step One


The first step of the VM is easiest part of the process. It's what you're on this server to do. In previous incarnations, VMers would hide away in isolated regions of the city playing with themselves. This is not something that we wish to encourage. However, not all areas of the city can be populated at all times. We realize this, so in compromise there are a few rules that are required of you whilst you RP within the framework of the Virtual Market.


VM Roleplay Rules

  • Only RP passive characters when others players are not around during your session. It's incredibly awkward and immersion breaking, otherwise.
  • When around other player characters, you ARE REQUIRED to advertise your wares. Hawking on the street about your products will earn you bonuses.
  • If player character wishes to buy, you must oblige. If you refuse, it will reflect negatively on your final calculations.
  • You must have the drugs on you at all times. If you are observed without them during VM you will be barred from the system.
  • You must try your best to stay in the area. If you leave the area your session will be forfeit.


Step Two

Gather Information

  • Screenshots
  • Logs
  • Additional Info

Step Three

Fill out Form

The following form is meant to represent Drug Operation. It produces a Drug Operation Thread or DOT. You only need fill this form out once. From there a Handler from the FT will follow-up with you and will aid you throughout that Drug Operation's lifespan. You must be as detailed as possible when filling out this form as it is the basis for your entire Drug Operation that could last for months or longer. Below are the guidelines for filling out the form. Failing to adhere to these can lead to unforeseen errors, like denial or other negative effects.


  • One Drug Operation per character. Thus only fill out the form once per character.
  • One Drug Operation per Area per Faction. This is your starting core as a faction.
  • Minimum of 100g. Any less will be denied outright. Sell to other players first.
  • List all personnel, initially. It is extremely important.


The form-in-question can be found: HERE

Step Four

Oblige Handler

From it's acceptance, to it's end you will be in communication with the Handler in order to resolve your Drug Operation's motions. This revolves around providing the Handler with data for each Session. A Session being the drug operator or his personnel's time spent actively engaging others as a street dealer. To do this the Handler needs certain information. The most important being who


Session Information Required

Operator; Character in control of that Session's drug supply

Personnel: All present characters around the operator with numerical value

Time: Number of hour(s) spent during the session.

Quantity: Amount of drugs carried by the Operator.

Date: Timestamp with the date.

Logs: With an image-link contained therein



Prepare each session in this format for a quick and efficient processing experience.


Step Five

Maintain the DOT

Throughout this process your Drug Operation is maintained through regular Sessions and calculations that represent the ebb and flow of the drug economy. Should you fail to maintain this illicit business your operation will come to ruin. You must submit at least one Session per week, at a 1 hour minimum to maintain your presence in the area. Should you not do this, in 7 days your Drug Operation becomes vulnerable. In 14 days, it becomes no more and you must resubmit your DOT application.


  • One Session Per Week Min
  • One Hour Per Session Min
  • Defunct - 7th Day of no activity
  • Abandoned - 14th day of no activity.










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pretty easy, nice work manzio 

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