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Vehicles IRL?

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Just now, Norm said:


it was still better than this tiny golf, yeah and ik this one is fire dude enjoy sadly had to sell my insignia and shit but planning to buy some seat leon soon lol


Should buy an Infiniti, my dude.

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43 minutes ago, EvilScotsman said:

You should let that just die instead.

Wanted to scrap it until I fucked up some guy in a Porsche on a quarter, now I'm just fixing broken stuff on it

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Audi A4 B7 

Repainted in Nardo Grey LY7C

Aftermarket Headlights


with me since 2012 


H&R Lowering Springs.

b5 RS4 2.7T bi turbo swapped.

6speed manual 

Bi-K04 (S3's) Turbos


On the list:

RS4 Wide Body kit

RS5 18 Inch Rims

APR Manifold, K&N Drop in Filter.


Golf R Injectors

High Pressure in Tank Fuel Pump.




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Used to drive a shitty 03 Chevy Cavalier before my local police department's street crime unit pulled me over in a fucking dodge minivan and gave me $3,000 in tickets for driving without a license, and insurance. Also had an unregistered license plate, and a fake inspection sticker ?? 


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14 hours ago, too803 said:

1988 Mazda RX7. That's a FC. Pretty much stock. Exhaust, clutch work, short throw shifter. Godspeed coils, and some hotboi wheels.


2006 Dodge 2500 Cummins 6 speed. 1200 HP beast. Way too much shit to consider typing out right now.

Proof or suck your mum


Same goes for all the other geezers without pics

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13 hours ago, Unitts said:

God isn't real please behave


I drive a 2002 four door clio dont have any photos on my phone right this second but il post some up soon

we are waiting


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I'm going to buy a chinese motorbike (Keeway RKF 125) brand new. Any of you guys got any experience with these?

I'm getting my A1 license and I want some nice, comfortable bike, with good fuel consumption, the speed is ok to be average, and also need it to be reliable. Upon lots of research, I turned to this bike that's said to do 1,7l/100km (if you don't pump too much of the gas, but I'd be expecting about 2l/100km, which is great), looks almost like a KTM Duke 125, and should be pretty reliable considering it's brand new. Paying 2100 euros (which is not that much for a new bike, again) I'm just worried about the build quality, from reviews it seemed that people enjoyed it, but I need as much info as possible.

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ayo.jpg.3a78611b257d424428043ebdc7753940.jpgGave up with fixing the Celica up as I had already spent more on repairs than on the car itself, ended up getting a V70 AWD. Would've preferred one of the bricks like a 740 or a 940 but I just couldn't financially risk getting an old car atm.

Thing rips but also chugs. Only thing I've really done so far is an LPG conversion. Currently fucked over by the immo in the key though, waiting for a replacement to arrive.

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here's the whole three cars I got pics of that I've had except the vette which was my family's but I drove it for the summer


2007 Dodge Charger Daytona R/T Sublime (first car) sold

2013 Mercedes Benz E300 something I forgot the rest also sold

no clue bout the vette's year never asked abt it and this one got crashed but not by me


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