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Vehicles IRL?

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I'm still a good year off from buying a car, well, not until I  move, anyways.

Been driving a 740i from time to time, friend owns it.


Don't need shirts when you look this sexy.


Not bad. I get to drive this, that and everything else. Depends what cars we're picking up/buying/selling

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I own and drive a...


Red 1999 Ford F150 XLT - 4.2L V6

Manual Shift 5 Speed

Heavy Duty Tow Spring and a towing package so I can haul pretty much anything :3

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The Citroen is mad dude, one of few french cars which I'd like to own. A mate of mine has an E36 which I recently fixed about 10 vacuum leaks on, as it leaked from about every place possible, to then find out the PCV valve was fucked aswell. The only reason I'd buy one myself is because they're cheap for something with enough power to do skids with and because I couldn't care less about a few less examples being around after I'm done fucking with them :P)'>

The french are mad when they want to, Renault 5 Turbo, Renault Clio V6, Citroen DX, and many other cars I cannot remember off the top of my head.


Also E36's are the most joked about cars in romania, they are expensive to fix and become a flinstone car after the first rain. Also most of them come with an included fart cannon over here. Either way I'd take a Civic SI (the one that came with the K20) or a EP3 Type-R over any bimmer, those who say they are bad cars are just ignorant, they make a ton of power out of such a small N/A engine, rev to the moon, have great chassis and most have independent suspension front and rear, and they are reliable af, there are some D15 EG6's for sale with 600k kilometers, and a stock SI from 2003 with the K20 will probably piss all over any E36 that is not modified. I'm probably gonna get a Corrado VR6 or G60 as my first car either way, but yea I like hondas better than E36's-...Unless the E36 is an M3, then I can question my decision of taking a Civic over that :P

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Well yeah I can't really argue with that one.

Just like I'd love to take an E36 compact and wrap that around like a school full of children.

It makes me cringe seeing a compact, it's like the designer was driving an e36 coupe, saw a CR-X, got inspiration then suddenly got rear-ended, took it back to Munich, straightened the metal out and released the Ti models.

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And in this thread:P


People who have NO car slag off peoples cars because they come from a certain continent that they dislike.

They continue to believe they are superior because they like German cars, yet continue to fail at owning one.


We shall continue next week.

German technology wins!!!


1995 Audi A4 2.6L




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On 3/19/2016 at 8:05 PM, Firebird said:

Seeing FWD hatchbacks getting tuned is sadder than my last CS:GO competitive match.


Talk shit all you like Firebird n idc how old your post is, that Saxo would smash any car you own right now round a tight course. 160bhp/750kg. With a 70kg driver that makes it 195bhp/tonne


Nissan 300ZX - (180) 
 Mitsubishi Evo VIII - (199) 
 Audi RS2 - (201) 
 Subaru Impreza WRX STi - (207) 
 Vauxhall VX220 Turbo - (215) 
 Lotus Elise R - (223) 


talk smack get whackd


6 hours ago, Benj said:

kx 125, first start after 6 years

sorted carb and spark plug now, it's the reason it sounds dodgy in the vid



what year's that pal? early 90s? sounds sweet though, I miss playing around with proper 2 strokes but jumping back on the bike game this year.


My current toy:



2006 Yamaha Jog RR 50


Cost me £70 so again talk shit all u like people.

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