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Vehicles IRL?

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Volvo 240 1989 B230K

On 9.10.2017 at 6:36 PM, Lartsa said:

Cba to go outside and take a picture. 2004 Mercedes Benz C220, nothing special about it. This is literally a look-a-like anyway. Same color n shit.




kamux :D

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Bought my first car this weekend.

'96 Celica, not a GT, fuck knows who put the badge there.

she's all dirty from the 500km drive back home, looked for one that's decently priced and in decent condition for like half a year.

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(Currently owned)
94 CBR900rr, too much done to list it all. TwoBrothers exhaust, and I wanna say it has a smaller sprocket but I'm not sure.

03 NB Miata, Megan EZ Street IIs, OE Hardtop, OE dealer option spoiler, 15x7 +35 SSR Type C wearing 205/45/15 Federal 595 RSRs. Gutted behind the seats, and has a Hard Dog Hardcore Roll Bar. Garage Star door bushings, and Garage Star hardtop security latches.

(Previously owned)
95 NA Miata, Slotted+Drilled brake rotors, Garage Star door bushings, Flyin Miata frame rails.

96 DC2 Integra GS-R, was all stock, super clean. Almost wish I never sold it but if I kept it I would've never gotten into Miatas. Lost all pics of it in a HDD crash tho, she was Milano Red.

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1 hour ago, Jetson said:

This WAS my car, shame I'm a fucking lunatic xD, and the photo of me is proof you should always wear a seatbelt haha



not always, don't wanna go through ice with my belt on ;)

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Sum update

Finally finished the T-dub, actually crashed it once and had to re-do part of it but you know, it's all good now lmfao



All my plans haven't really come to fruition, for once the engine isn't fully built, it's just got a stroker crank and bored sleeves making it a 1.6 but not got the ported head yet, and right now it's rocking a single barel cause I haven't had time to finish the twin barel. Gonna have it repainted in the following month cause rn it's 50 shades of gray.

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2002 Land Rover, Range Rover, 4.6L Vogue SE V8 <3  (P38 Automatic)



- Still in getting it's matrix replaced, and some airbag suspensions put in, it should be home this afternoon.


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Here is what i drive, 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser GX.R

It's a rare car in other countries, but not in the gulf countries.

4.5L I6 Engine, With a 4X4 Wheel drive system (Low and High)


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