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GAT Update - March 1st, 2017

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GAT Update - March 1st, 2017




Firstly I would like to thank the amount of applications we received, there is a huge interest in wanting to join the team. However, only a limited amount made it through the applications. We would like to say to those who haven't made it this time around best of luck next time. To those who did, congratulations and welcome to the team.



  • Stabby ― Promoted to Administrator 
  • TheRealAgent - Promoted to Administrator
  • ZythuM ― Promoted to Trial Administrator  
  • Fellengi ― Promoted to Trial Administrator
  • MissAnachronisms ― Promoted to Trial Administrator  
  • Portside ― Promoted to Trial Administrator  



  • Jokerr ― Reinstated as Administrator 
  • Tremmert - Reinstated as Trial Administrator
  • WaterM3lon ― Reinstated as Trial Administrator 



  • Isomorphism



  • Rentation(Resigned)
  • VitamiN(Removed)


All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all.


OwlGaming Community,

OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.

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dont know half the pricks added so they're probably all spoons but its whatever

missarachonopoha like well

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